The country full of milk and honey,full of wonderful things to be desired and held.A place for peace and harmony,home free of natural disaster except the one caused by us .A refuge of peace until men of uncleansen heart made it a land of horror. A place with discomfort that speaks better things of comfort,the country watched over by an Eagle’s eye …though the eye of the eagles might have been plucked out ,yet it still maintains balance to protect it people with it’s wings. The home where the difference between the elite and the masses only brings determination that reduces the number of the poor and increases the number of the rich.A country whose imperfection cannot overcome it perfection,the country with dying human who never think of giving up,the country with leaders who are doing much but their effort are unseen. A country with great minds who has great dreams,the country with men and women full of purpose and ambition. A country whose weather speaks of love in hardship,perseverance in tubulent time The eagle’s eye might have been plucked out, We are it wings…let us work together. My country,my peope,my nigeria. Am proud to be a nigeria…are you?


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