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Osun losses 60% fund allocated to her monthly.

Fund allocation
While the campaign for who will be crowded the goveror of Osun state is still going on, an unknown person who has access to details of daily earning and percentage increase and loss of Osun income decided to share these with is.

Currently from this problem we can say fund allocation is not the problem with Osun state but rather fund management is the big issues which is affecting the state as a whole.

Osun State goes home with only 40% of allocated fund to her every month after debts of 60% is deducted.

This will continue for not less than 20years. Where will the next Governor get resources to run the government?

27 aspirants in APC, 23 aspirants in PDP, 4 in SDP, 2 in ACCORD, AD -2, ADP- 1, LABOUR- 3 and others.

Just hear this, if you really mean business, Osun state allocation for the month is:
Gross income – 4,007,793,255.09
Debts deducted- 2,421,640,448.96
Net income – 1,586,152,806.13
Percentage of Debt deducted is 60.4%
Percentage take home is 39.6%.

A source said, Osun indigene should be vigilant in the choice of who and who not to vote to avoid unnecessary pain to our future

Osun indigene should be careful on who ever they have voting for this 2019.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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