Oh my uterus.
Episode 11.

OMG! Teddy!!
I ended the call because I feel so guilty.
How could I have married Luke?
How could I have?
Well there is still two option, my brain triggered.
I didn’t know if I would be able to survive the guilt.
How could I have left the clinic that fateful day just like that; I left a man who has loved me all his life during the period he needed me the most.
Hello ma! Your food is ready .
Keep the food safe, I really do not have much appetite this night.
Mummy… mummy… mummy!!
It was the innocent voice of my stepdaughter that brought made me aware that my husband was back from his long trip of fighting the Arabian terrorist,
My love, how is being home? Hey honey I replied in a frivolous manner.
Are you okay? I was at the door when you said you have got no appetite for food… do I have a baby in the belly so fast? Mummy I’m I having a little sister already the little girl said.
No honey , I’m just a bit tired and I was probably missing you so much I replied in return. Any smart person would have being aware I was up to something mischievous sooner or later.

The night was great, I gave my husband my all… it was around five o’clock in the late morning I realised he has being a while for two months already, I had previously being consumed of teddy’s call that I did not remember I have a man, a military man who I have being sworn to love at all time, whether he decides to go for war or not, whether he comes back or decide to die at war just to keep peace for his community . Dying at war has being my greatest fear for luke; he has told me how he had survived so many wars and of course I keep praying he survive for my sake everyday.
Mummy called yesterday, really ! I said with a broad smile ‘ yes honey !you want to talk about what happened yesterday?my instinct tells me there is fire on my roof, he grinned. Nothing of great important honey . I moved towards him and placed my lips on his, it was as soft as ever, then we kissed , it just feel so right and calm, the fragrance of his perfume was so seducing that I was not aware of the period he took off my pyjamas and his teeth was scrolling up and down on my nippels, it feels so great but it got more interesting when he gave me a hot suck; I could not help myself, my body kept saying take me all and let never return baby but my mind Was right in the middle of that call I received from Teddy, there was this feelings of me wanting to have a taste of old time with my ex, but I’m a married woman now I told myself , who says married woman do not have marital sex? It would be fun you know, I noticed a broad smile on my cheeks and a hot lips fell on my lips and close them with such a loving and tender care.
We walked towards the dining room few munites later, I made some fresh lemonade ma, you care for some? magret asked
Yes honey !baby do you care for some I turned but saw no trace of luke; he left for the little girl’s room and it was then I realized I have not fulfilled my duty as a mother to my daughter this morning .
Magret … can you keep the drink safe for me? Let me check if my little angel is awake’ angel’s room is a bit far from ours but almost close to her nanny’s room, Ma Theresa who happens to be on live due to some health issues she has being battling with for months now.
Angel, wake wake, I walked briskly towards her room , but I was very surprised to meet the absence of luke, angel was still in a deep sleep so I gave her a soft Kiss on the lips, check around her room to ensure he air conditioning is not too high since we were in summer .
Hey buddy! Of course she is my new wife ! Oh you can say that again, I’m actually one of the luckiest man on Earth and in the army right now, do you know my fellow sergeant could not help to stop about her beauty.
Teddy is on the line for you honey, I didn’t know you guys know each other… I moved towards the telephone and left the call on public voice, hello Teddy, my husband said you called for me, how is the new state treating you ?he asked, good
How is your health now I asked?
I’m hale and healthy now he replied though still looking for a pretty woman like you. I chuckled. The conversation was over few munites later bit I could tell that luke wanted to know where, how and when I met Teddy.
We went to the dining table but I was so uncomfortable, I kept on rubbing hands; could luke be teddy’s brother he has always being the army , the one he said his wife death was what turned the family apart ? If I remembered vividly, most of the problem was teddy’s fault ….

To be continued

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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