Let just say, I’m not that beautiful but trust me I’m neither ugly either.
I started dating teddy who is now married with two kids when I was four years old. You know about the kids around the neighborhood kind of friendship? It all started from there. We had our first sex when I was six and we had our first break up when I was twenty. He is married with two kids with a lovely wife but I’m still here, as nothing but a mistress. I love it that way. Did I remember to introduce myself? Well forgive my manners, I’m Tracy, Tracy Smith.
Mother was not the type of woman any child would love to mess up with, but I’m a different child, I always give everybody the headache they deserve. I live at Atlanta, Georgia. I’m in between being an African or Britain. My accent is what differentiate me from every girl in my college. They call me the cutest bitch, because when I speak, everyone listen, I mean they listen to me!. My first college mistress was a terrible young woman, I remember I actually caught her trying to sleep with teddy and I was so angry.
Come back here! I left in anger because I was so furious about the scene. Teddy was not angry or remorseful about his stupid act, I said stupid because it look stupid to me. Everyone in school knew both teddy and I were the love birds.
Come back here I said, she screamed! I had to go back. Miss snotty was the youngest teacher in school and of course very sexy and hot. She was my number one competitor. Now she is about to sleep with my boyfriend, the only person I have never shared with anyone. Don’t mind what you saw, it was just a scene we are practicing for the upcoming award night. Yes ma’am I replied. I was so angry but I hide my anger and left with a smile, because she is my teacher and I don’t want my boyfriend’s integrity to be compromised.
I came back to school two days later without saying a thing to teddy.
Baby ‘ I’m very sorry, you know I love nobody but you. I had to do what miss snotty asked because she is our teacher. She knows about us and she was going to make a report to our parent if I didn’t do what she asked. Before I forget. my dad, professor smith is one of the share owner of our college and myself being his only girl child, any indiscipline act will attract huge punishment, not for me but for anyone who is involved with me. I forgive you I replied. Teddy was not surprised to hear that. You forgive a lot and I know my punishment might be a whole night of kissing without sex. I giggled. Most time when I’m angry I punish teddy with sex or without sex, all I do is strip myself naked and kiss him all day without having sex with him. With my curved medium cup breast, highly fair in complexion, my round bottoms which are firm and sexy, sometimes I go as far as making his penis almost entering into my vagina then I say, teddy we need to stop and at this point he is always so desperate to do anything just for us to have sex, I need to let you know how hurtful it is when you hurt me. But the next day is always a day full of all form of sex, sometimes we are so Engrailed in the sexual act that we don’t go out all day. All we do is have sex all day.
So I guess I’m facing my punishment today? Teddy asked.
Well I forgive you for real this time around.
I went home thinking about the African guy I have been hitting on for a month now, how great will it be to have sex with a new guy? What kind of style do African guys love? Do I need to impress him by going to visit him and stripping myself naked? Or should we just start from kissing? All this was what was going through my mind all day. I left school early today, I had fun, I enjoyed the sex, it was not casual, we had a lot of rounds but something terrible happened after…

To be continued.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.

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