Trying all my best to be good student, everyone was just getting on my nerves in school today. I was supposed to have a test which was a three unit course for twelve noon. For my kind of person I really prefer going late for all this terrible ways of learning in Africa. I got there by 12:45 with the great hope that all I will need to do there was to enter the hole and do my test, then take my leave.
The first thing that broke my heart was when I heard that my course mate hasn’t been called. Oh my God! I screamed. Take a chilling pill Jor! What about we that has been here since some minutes to twelve, a course mate said. Laughing out loudly I said ” I know you love suffering! May the good lord extend it length!
Some minutes later my faculty was called then I started summoning my hopes, it was difficult to find a space to join at first. So I desperately told myself ” hey girl you better forget about class here” The sun was so hot that the intensity could Parboil rice meant for a Famliy of six in few seconds. I walked towards the front line so I could shunt, please can I shunt I said to the gentle lady ” can’t you go to the back and line up she replied. I’m sure this lady is mad o, it’s like she fell down from Okada. Infact she must be insane for her to think of me going to make a line from something that is actually suicidal.
I walked towards the front row and I met with two other students, fortunately for me they were nice enough to allow me shunt in-between them. All of a sudden the pushing started and everyone was losing balance. I promised myself that not even the devil can push me out of that line. You are chocking me, do you want to kill me someone said. I actually looked back to say a word of apology only to find out it was not the lady who allowed me shunt that was now behind me, I guessed she has been pushed out by forces stronger than her. Lol
Do you want me to be pushed out I replied. Rubbish… You better summon up your strength and stop complaining.
I entered the test hall few minutes later and I was done in a moment.
I headed up to my hostel, I took a shower and I started watching movie. I was so tired I didn’t know when I slept off on my laptop.
Won’t you eat tonight, walk up! That was the noise that woke me up. The time was some few minutes past ten. I stood up and dashed out of the room with bathroom slippers. I didn’t get a shuttle so I decided to do the trekking at least I hope to find some thing good enough to eat that night.
I was trekking when I ran into some friends of mine and we decided to go some gossips . We parted at around some few minutes past ten. I was so famished, the only prayer I could say was ” dear God, please help me so I can get something to eat this night, kerosene is now #490 per litre and buying any was not part of My plans tonight. What was I even saying? Every filling stations around my hostel closes by 8pm in the night! Damn me!.
I got to the akara junction and alas! I met long crowd as usual, at first I wanted to leave but I told myself “babe you gotta wait and buy just hundred Naira akara, drink garri with it then get a good sleep. As at 10:30 there was about eight people in front of Me and of course there was plenty akara to buy and the queue kept moving slowly but at least it was reducing. Thirty minutes later I had just three people in my front and I was kind of happy because I felt I will leave soon, the third guy next to me bought two hundred akara which made the whole akara To remain three hundred naria only, I started peeping to check the hand of the next guy to me to check how much he was holding so I could be sure of how much he wanted to buy. The third guy left and the guy in my front ordered for two hundred naria akara, as he was about to pay when his cell phone rang and The conversion goes thus. “what up with you? OK I will.”
I was thinking probably his girlfriend called to let him know it was already very late until the great calamity occurred. Please add hundred naria akara to mine, I became deaf and dumb all of a sudden, I was like”em em em brother” but the woman selling akara had packed the remaining akara for the guy, it was glaring she didn’t even notice there was someone behind him or if she had seen me she must have taught we came together .
I walked away timidly trying to console my lowly heart.
I remembered that guy who bought the last akara actually shunted, I didn’t create a Scene because he is very handsome.
I was so sad while walking to my hostel without nothing to show for all the stress I went through. Akara was not bae tonight I said to myself. she might be tomorrow.

Written by: Temi Badmus


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