One kinglsley Uzokwe claimed to be above the law because he is attached to the Navy officer, the named man said no man in Nigeria can catch up with him to punish him. This was said after he assaulted a lady.

The incident happened in front of Abees places, along Lekki Expressway , according to the source, the victim Female with the name Bolanle Dairo has gone for a bridal shower holding at Abees place.

However, at the venue there was no space to park her car, so she decided to park right opposite the venue, but twenty minutes later, she got summoned to move her car that the owner of the house said her car was touching his flower.

Dario allegedly succumbed and apologized to the door men who gathered behind her, but on no few minutes she got beaten up by Uzokwe , who also poured a cup of drink on her and gave some lots of dirty slaps.

The beating was so massive that she almost lost her live, with no help from anyone around or the four men who gathered behind her, she proceeded to make a report at the police station but the assaulter was no where to be found.

The wife of the assaulter begged the victim and explained she often face this brutal action from her husband too.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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