A mother is an act not a fiction,a mother determines our attitude and our attitude determines our altitude. Mothers are complex part of our growing,a real part of our existing and the factual part of our living.

A mother isn’t just someone who gives birth, a woman gives birth, a mother nurtures the act of giving birth.

A fierce love that speaks corrections,the elegant and attracting eyeball that speaks patients and the belly that speaks home for every of our living.

A mother lives for the living,survives for the survivals and achieves for the achievers.

A mother is a gift to be valued among gift,a precious stone to be used as the pillar for a foundation that is expected to stay strong.

A mother is a second god made in human flesh,a mother is an act!

All who have it needs it,those who have lost it have the hope of finding it in another…it a rare gift that is ┬áin surplus.

A mother is an act not a fiction

An act is presumed not assumed…a gift is giving on God’s grace.

Happy mother’s day

A mother is a gift

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