He is young, full of energy and sure he is making it in the Nigeria music industry, he is been through the thick and thin but glory to the almighty who has carried him through them all.
Here is an interactive session with pelumi john olayemi popularly known as Lil P.
IMG-20160903-WA0002 😀:

Good evening, can we get to know you?

Lil P 2:
I’m pelumi john olayemi by name know as Lil P 😀:

What occupation do you practice?

Lil P 2:

What at kind of music do you produce?

Lil P 2:
Hip-hop 😀:

Can you share with us how it all started?

Lil P 2:

I started music when I was five,though I was an English rapper then
I switched to indigenous rap in 2010 after the death of the late Dagrin
Cos I listen to a lot of his and 50cent ‘s music
So I started music professionally in 2010. 😀:

So we can say you have been a rapper since six years ago?

Lil P 2:
Yeah 😀:

How did you find the switching from being an English rapper to an being an indigenous rapper?

Lil P 2:

I noticed I could flow better being an indigenous rapper than being an English rapper, That’s why I had to switch. 😀:

Being an indigenous rapper is tough here, how were you able to convince people of your identity?

Lil P 2:

I knew what people wanted because I remained focus and also believed in myself. 😀:

How has it being going so far?

Lil P 2:

It’s been great so far, With God all things are possible. 😀:

Any challenges you would love to share with us?

Lil P 2: Yeah, It’s not been easy so far 😀:

What is the greatest challenge you have faced so far!?

Lil P 2

Being a contestant at the Nigeria got talent Was a great challenge for me.
I didn’t believe I could make it to the semi finale.

[ 😀
How does that make you feel?

Lil P 2:
I felt great Making it to the semi finale, there were thousands of people there to showcase what they’ve got. 😀:
So you got to learn a lot from them?
Lil P 2:
Yeah 😀:

Would you share what and how you learnt from this situation with us?

Lil P 2:

I learnt to always believe in myself And never lose focus. 😀:
What advice do you have for young people out there who are planing to go into the music industry?

Lil P 2:

They should keep on doing what they know how to do their best And always put God first in anything they want to do And never believe when people say they can’t do it.

Thank you for authenticating this interview, am sure it will give a lot of young people out there will be really encouraged

Lil P 2: Yeah you’re welcome😀:

I remains gimmehear, always giving people a listening ear.


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