Man’s private part chopped off

News reports have revealed that an unidentified middle aged man has been discovered with his private parts chopped in in Zambia.
The mutilated corpse of the unidentified man had reportedly been discovered near Mansa main market, Zambia earlier today, April 22, 2016.
Provincial commanding officer, Hudson Hamachila , confirming the incident reveals that the private parts had been missing when the body was found, as well as two deep cuts to the head.
According to the reports, the body has now been taken to the morgue at the Mansa General Hospital.
In a similar development, Zambezi Reporters report that, in the last 30 days, Lusaka has recorded six deaths which have all been tied to ritual » killings considering the fact that they all had missing body parts.

The six bodies had reportedly been found in the Northern part of the city in George Compound, as recent riots » targeted at foreign nationals have occurred in Lusaka following the allegations that they are behind the ritual murders.

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