Some few centuries ago, finding love and been loved in return is not something very difficult to find. Love was the common language everyone speak as of then. But in this era, finding love is a huge task and most time keeping the love burning, the spark igniting is a major burden we the young ones of this days do not want to be committed to.

I will be discussing five love issues you should not try to deceive yourself about.
You need to move out of any relationship that gives or shows this signs.

1. I love you but “I’m not in love with you.

I have heard so many people complained about this, so many people has been hurt through this. Some people has gone to the extent of feeling they were being used when reality sparkled on them.
I was reading about a lady who was in a relationship for six month and she worked out of it when she realised she loved the person but she was not in love with him. You don’t feel the spark, the excitement. The odd feelings when he or she decided not to talk to you with you. The anger when you don’t get their full attention. Trust me the best you can do for them is let them go because someone out there would feel all these for them. Why hold them down?

2. It’s a mutual feelings.

Have you ever being in love with someone, you took the courage to tell them and all you hear is ” I think what you feel is a mutual feeling “.
Most times people confuses mutual feelings with love. The feeling you have just because someone is always around is a mutual feeling or probably let call it a reciprocative feelings. You think about them because they are always around. The body contact, the eye signal. Relationship built through mutual feelings do not necessarily work out. 70% of relationships built on mutual feeling do end up in the garbage but the 30% which usually survive waxes stronger as time goes on. It’s just like marrying one’s friend. Your marriage becomes more interesting as time passes by. I

3. You have my perfect life but I don’t want you.

Most times in love, principled people do not go for what they deserve or what they want. Eg a guy might see that you have all the attributes he needs in a woman yet he will never ask you out, then you keep wondering and questioning your personality. You start asking if there was something you should have done that you didn’t do. But the truth remains “not everything that is perfect for you needs to be taken by you”, the few people who understands this live their life expressing their love in the minimum best way they can but they make sure they don’t lose those that they are in love with even if they don’t end up with them.

4. I’m in love with you but I want friendship.

I have a practical explanation for this because I have found myself in such situation. I was stupidly in love with some guy for about a year but all I ever wanted was friendship. This happens to guys more in comparison to ladies. A lady would rather want to date any man she founds herself in love with but a guy can still be in love with you and still all he wants is” friendship”. Guys are not emotionally driven like women are. I think friendship sometimes is like a covenant that bounds people together compare to the drama and Commitment of love.

5.I hate smart people.

Some will never date you because you are smart, though they are madly in love with you. It is not just something they can handle. You will have friends who will be madly in love with you and they will never give it a chance to ever show it. They don’t want to lose you and they feel you are too good for them. I have heard of a scenario where a man who was madly in love with his best decided to just walk away from her life and their friendship, all because he feels he doesn’t deserve such a good person.
How to handle this issues.
For those who you love but you are not in love with. Please let them go because certain people are out there who will do anything for them.
For those you love and they feel it’s a mutual feelings, mingle with your circle of friends to forget about them.
For those who feels they don’t deserve you because you are smart, don’t ever try to be a dullard because of them.
Those who are in love with you but wants friendship, try and be their friends if it is okay but if not, you can try working away.

Written by : Temi Badmus


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