I walk pass the hills, Through the lilies of the valley, Walking in strides. As the sun shone on my face, With my linen cloth, Dazzling in the sun, Emitting the sweet scent that emits from my body. The lilies bows,The leaves whispers;oh my beautiful soul, As I swing my body,To the rhythm of nature, The horizon of the sun sets on my face, As it glows with it radiant as a tender snow white, Grasping every wit as I dance through the solemn path, Then the song of my beloved rise within me, Off the light I remembered my LOST love. As I walk pass touching the tips of the lilies, The thought of his cuddles clinched to my soul, Like a de-javu, My tummy rumbles as I taste the sour of his absence, With my fist fastened to the branches of the tree, I swirl around singing the song of my beloved, Embracing my empty soul. As tears tickled down my cheeks, With a faraway look,I saw the glimpse of loneliness, Streams of memories flooded in, The gazing at the moon and stars, In the night together flooded away,Oh I remembered the pursuit for crickets in the moonlight together,The scent of your body clings to my soul, As I sat horrified at the awareness of your absence
Lost in my thoughts, The night fell, giving the moon and stars it’s place to shone. Then the loneliness struck harder, Lifting my head up, I behold a shadow, Coming straight to me, Like a prince on a horse. Riding to my direction, Lo and behold it’s my Prince charming, Riding gallantry on the white horse, I ran across the lilies,With my veil dancing around me, I ran into his embrace, And savour the scent it came with, Lost in his embrace, I felt my soul ignited And the sensations arose, And peace came to my tender soul, My heart inclined to his, And I said to myself: My LOST love has returned.
Written by :

Afinjuomo Honour
Department of forestry
University of Ilorin.


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