Some feel it for longer period of time, but whatever length of time you get captured in it, it is always a euphoria. It is something a person feel intensely either for weeks, months or years but it is never forever if not mixed with understanding and commitment.
We get disgusted sometimes by the people we feel it for. It’s actually a journey for the broken and a game for the wise. The fool who plays it always end up with a stolen queen in their game.
It works with the law of nature that says, “for a man to gain something, he has to lose something”. It has an opponent, it can translate into other forms but it remains what it is if handled with understanding and commitment.
Love is not always enough but has the capacity to last forever if muddled with commitment and understanding.
Remember love covers a truck load of short-comings and makes you see a reason to let go, while commitment and understanding teaches you to put straight what is queer.
You need to love and when you are deep in it you pretend to be someone you are not just to keep it moving; some call that understanding. You need to stay in love and when you stand in love against all odds; some call that commitment.
Albert Einstein said and I quote “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” Then I ask, How can man balance the equation if he does not know what he ought to mix with love?
Temidkupid@ writing to speak for the unheard


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