Happy Valentines From…

Your love is as deep as an ocean,
Please let me swim in the ocean of your love.
I will swim without a tube, neither will I wear a life-jacket.
If loving you was suicide, I’d want to know what it feels like.
I’d love to drown so deep in your love,
It would be perfect rest for my soul.
My heart skips when I hear your voice,
Your smile makes my head jingle all over.
As an actor, when I think of you I don’t forget my lines,
As a doctor, my operations were successful because you were in my thoughts,
As a sniper, I think of your smile and I don’t miss my shots.
As an architect, drawing straight lines were easy, it’s just by thinking of your voice.
As a pregnant woman, I delivered with ease because you were close to me.
Please love me in return as we share in the beauty of love.
Let me rub your butter on my bread,
Let’s mix together like sugar and tea.
Let’s become inseparable like a bean-cake in the pap,
Let’s disappear like fart in the air.
Sometimes I wonder if you aren’t stressed up,
Because you’re always up and down in my thoughts.
If I was a Hausa man, I’d simply say-
Kai walahi, my love por you I be like suya and feffer.
Be to me like pepper and I’ll be to you as suya.
No encyclopedia can define my love for you.
If my love for you was chemistry, no experiment can understand it.
If it was arithmetic, no equation can solve it.
If my love for you was in space, no astronaut can find it.
If it was in the ocean, no military sea-man can locate it.
But it was in my heart, where only your eyes could reach it,
Only you can fathom my love, ‘cos it was meant for you.
Dear, I just wanted to remind you of how much I love you.
I will keep loving you till electricity becomes stable in Nigeria.
Forever yours, yours forever,
Either ways, it’s still the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance

Adefila ‘Toba Israel (Tobatalks)
WHATSAPP- 08164919722 BBM- 5929DFA0
TWITTER- @Tobadance01 INSTAGRAM- @tobadance_tobatalks


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