So many old people has talked about how their twenties was the time they made all there mistakes. Some went to the extent of saying it was in their twenties they learnt to make some crucial decision that hurt them so bad but those decisions has helped them so far in there life’s journey.
Below is five things you might definitely regret you didn’t do when you were in your twenties.
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1. You didn’t control your feelings.

Feelings can be factual, mutual or in factual. Imagine you fell in love with some guys few months ago, you had a relationship with him and within two months it was over, so did you to about four other guys! What of if in the nearest future you end up being a popular singer, a famous C. E. O of a company but you are stocked to some old relationships which could have been avoided . What would you say If someday in the future you run into this Unserious person who has the guts to say he has been your lover before? Would you be able to face the shame or the pain that might bring upon your personalities? Your family? Your career? , or the insecurity upon your children?
It is very true that our emotion is quicken in our twenties but the best part of it is to tame it in order to avoid future error. Putting the positive side into consideration, you can still say no and be a good person but having said yes and then having a broken relationship doesn’t really make you a good person anymore to whosoever you hurt.

2. You didn’t keep bad friends .
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I don’t want to start making Unnecessary mistakes once I’m out of my twenties. Date the wrong guy or lady while you are in your twenties ( and I mean when you are 21, 22 here) by 23 you should be focusing on having a serious relationship with someone you want to build your life with. If as a guy you are busy making mistakes of dating the wrong lady at 27, I just hope you don’t end up being a pope, and as a lady been in an unserious relationship after your twenties might mean you ain’t serious or you don’t believe in marriage. Make all this dating mistakes now because now is the only time to learn and move on. That’s what your twenties is for, learning from your mistakes.

3. You didn’t apologize to some certain people you offended.

Some days ago, I was listening to a spoken composed by someone I know so well (Akorede O. Kugbiyi) he said and I quote “I have hurt so many people, I can be really annoying” We always feel we don’t need other people in our lives, we believe we Can without them but they can’t do without us. I’m sorry he said! Imagine if you offend someone in your twenties, someone you could not apologise because of your ego.
Do you think if you happen to have a job interview with him in few years to come, do you think you will be free and calm to undergo the interview? No you won’t .
Law of karma makes you know that you will be treated the way you treat other people. Some people won’t accept your apology but to be on a safe side make sure you say ” sorry ” If you offend them, it does not remove anything from you , with time you will be sure your ego was not the problem their inability to forgive is.

4. You didn’t take a few time off to be Unserious.
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I find it difficult to understand how some people are just so serious with life, they want to get the money on time, wants the job done perfectly, wants the food cooked perfectly, wants to do things flawlessly. They don’t like to be involved in anything that mistake is attached to.
It’s actually interesting to be Unserious sometimes, some solution to certain problems lies in your ability to take things with levity at times. Unseriousness won’t earn you much but it will definitely earn you some knowledge. I have times I write, there’s also times for me to play unnecessarily with friends and people around but the most important thing is someone is always going to be there to help you to learn more. I stay awake often to write article worth thousand of words and most times I just play do hard and people feels I’m Unserious and that makes most of these people wanting to help me. They see me as been weak those period I choices to play.

5. You didn’t have less than nine hours sleep.

Actually it is very important you have less than nine hours sleep in your twenties, your twenties is the time to work hard, that is the moment you are close to losing more of your energy. Most people don’t achieve much in life because they have wasted much time in their twenties and they are trying to make it up in their thirties. The best way to do things right now is to start working with all your strength because your strength will surely reduce by 70% after your twenties. Also the desire to do things right reduces as you grow older. What is the essence of postponing what you can do better now till when you can’t do it well?

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Badmus temi


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