Hello guys! How is your day going? Something big is happening this April, so I have intended to give out some free monthly data to some set of people.
It is simple, all you need to do is answer any of the brain teasers below and be sure you will get a free monthly subscription ( just a month).

Below is the teasers you need to answer.

Gimmehear has been collecting puzzles that are fun for the brain and he would like to share his collection of brain games with you. Answers are provided if you are completely puzzled. These puzzles can also be used as quiz questions. 

Detective Mysteries: Put yourself in the detective’s shoes to solve the case.

A man went into a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone at the party who drunk the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

Math Games: Use your math skills to figure out the answers.

How many sides does a pentagon have?

Poem Riddles: Teasers worded as poems.

What is wider than life itself
Longer than forever
So simple it’s complicated
Travels but never leaves the spot
Puts others in danger but no one gets hurt
And reaches to worlds unknown?

I can fly without wings. And cry without eyes. What am I?


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