Everyone has something to say against or for this period of limited supply of cash. Of course that makes surviving easier because there is always the “Government ” who will never take the manifestation of their duty with serious mindedness and also the private individual who all they want is the nation’s treasure to themselves .They need to be blamed.
The important things remains we are all at fault if we need to be sincere with the economic situation of Nigeria being at the falling end.
I will be discussing five things that makes you at fault for this recession we are going through.

1: The Victimization Game.

We have being doing this over the years, I can say it something that occurs frequently in almost every area in Africa. We are always trying to exploit people, things that should be sold at certain price are been over priced thereby making cash flowing to a restricted place.
The quantity of sugar I bought for #30 earlier 2016 as at February was what I bought #70 some days ago. It could be been cheaper but of course the seller does not want to make #10 gain and that leaves people with no option that to either make their money go in One Direction or eat it their money raw.

2: Made In Nigeria Goods.

Maybe the conception that a goods is made from Nigeria makes us scared but one incredible thing I have sighted most Nigerians doing is not interested in purchasing our own product. I was at a super market and I needed to pick a table of drinking water but immediately we saw made in Nigeria on a little paper tagged to these goods, we decided to move forward. But I knew within myself that what we did is wrong and no matter how much we blame the government, we are one of the cause of the recession ourselves. If we need a fast solution I feel what we need to do is stop purchasing foreign goods at least for the this recession period to be over, because I know some of us have phobia for Nigeria product. Lol

3:We Pray For Dollar To Rise.

Don’t just sit there as act like you are not aware that some people pray that the dollars should never fall. And every day we blame the government for virtually everything happening, I am not saying they are right neither am I saying we are wrong but am saying we are all at fault because our thoughts, words are powerful such that once it is spoken into the environment it has a way of becoming living enough to produce tangible result. Stop praying for dollar to increase because someone out there needs to send you money and you need it to be much does not mean every poor masses out there needs to suffer, Including my self… I should stop that.
It only makes things more uneasy to handle and destroys out economy.

4:The Unstable Goods Producers.

Actually I am not going to support Nigerian who do not buy made in our country’s product but I will also love to talk to some of our product manufacturers. When you started producing a certain product any Nigerian would be glad to buy it but once purchasing power is high, they starts producing what is outside the palatability of their customers. Of course you don’t expect me to purchase with my money what would harm me. Eg I got a certain lemonade drink about fifteen months ago, I love it so much that I had to find out where it was produced. I was so glad it was made in Nigeria but recently I was highly disappointed when I bought this same drinking I was proud of some months ago. My disappointment was based on the fact that they have lost that special taste I got from that drink a year and some months ago. Why not make Nigeria goods better, better enough to convince Nigerians that that is what they need to purchase. I can not be persuaded to purchase a goods because I want you to make money, but because I want to earn my satisfaction too.

5: The idle scientist.

Since when I was young, I have always wondered why people in my part of the world studies science because what most of us do in science is score great grades, makes great result then use the result to work for some foreign companies, what happened to discovering things in our society, some group of Minners were the one who discovered crude oil at olubiri years ago. Science is all about discoveries And I believe that if we study hard enough to collect a certificate with great grades why not make a difference by making discoveries that will help the world, For example a graduate of food science and technology should be able to harvest plants and make valuable drinks from them and easy the world some hardship we face, a group of engineering graduates could work together to discover what would happen if electricity can be generated with out stressing the nations.
And at the end of this article, this is what I am saying ” Everyone has contributed to the recession we are facing in this period and all we need to do is be one another’s keeper” and we had better move fast because if it gets worse than this, only the strong people will survive.

Written by :

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.


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