According to Oxford dictionary, A toddler is a young child who has started walking but not fully mastered it, typically between ages one to three years old.

I have seen various kids, how they act, play and react to the mannerism at which families, friends, strangers and even their parents play with them. What I tried to understand about toddler for almost a year is if toddler are always scared or sad or intimidated from the scratch? Well the answer is “No” ,therefore I will be discussing on five steps to raising a confident toddler, confident toddlers often make confident adults. Let say seventy percent of confident toddler ends up confident all through their life, just thirty percent of fearful toddlers ends confident most times in life, this is because life and their thinking towards things changes, it is always easy to changes from bad to good but for good kids raised under good care, it’s a little bit of a hard work to just wake up and decide to go evil.

1. Don’t scold them unnecessarily.

While I was in my second year in the University, I happened to reside with a family friend, they have this little kid everyone loves, she is sharp, intelligent and friendly… You know why? I realised her parents never scold her without explaining why she has to be scolded, we that is huge work! it was difficult for people around her to do the opposite to her. Most times, parents are the worst enemies of their kids most times , people won’t treat your kids anyhow once they find out you would kill for them, I haven’t given birth to one but I have lived with people who has given birth to much and will never take any un_serious act being acted towards their kids.

2. Let them come to you freely.

This is actually for African fathers especially, and of course will be determined by the mother. I really do not understand why a wonderful and easily accessible woman would go marry an opposite virtue of herself, see it’s easier for the kids when it’s the mother who is not really accessible, because most kids prefer to misbehave; meanwhile, a woman would not really have problem with her kid misbehaving while he or she is still young, her love for them is still very extremely strong and the good part of it is that kids understands this, so you need marry a man that will compliment that!.

3. Abusive words should be avoided.

You don’t only need to raise a confident child with this, you will raise a confident, loving and understanding child when she is made to understand “abusive words isn’t to be used on or against others around him or her”. Let me ask you this question: you once stayed with an eleven month or a year old child or even acting year old right ? Try singing for example ” Zoe is a good child, Iya! Iya! Iya o! They will give you this satisfactory look, then what do they do when you song the opposite? I happened to even a kids who will leave your surroundings once you sing the opposite to her, my point is abusive words isn’t only toxic to adults, it is to kids too.

4. Mind the difference.

I think one major problem we have in Africa is how to pamper our kids, I have heard people say ” I was just loving him or her, I was being careful, I didn’t know he would turn out irresponsible “. No kids ends up irresponsible on their own accord, most of them do because there was no boundaries. A typical example is when I was very young, my dad would drop money on his table for us to pick anytime we like, I was about eight years old then and my little brother and sister were between three years, and a year and half. They both knew certain amount is expected of us to be be picked and spend, except that you end up not meeting money there the next day, we were taught to know that our dad loves us, but he won’t tolerate us wasting his resources. Kids will always follow your rules, they are angels, gullible if I would say, so you need to mark the difference to safe yourself the future headache of them turning irresponsible.

5. Tell them about the adult you want them to be.

My family friend would always tell their kids how they want her great and admirable, how she can always confide in them if anything happens, I remembered the day she came home and ask me ” aunty temi, is it good for an elderly person to say they hate another person ? I was like, it is very bad to even say you hate someone, whether you are little or grown is not an excuse, so when someone gets her angry ” she would say, I don’t like his attitude, she was just two years then but she knew the type of adult we all expected her to grow into.
We are people who should be raising happy, and confident toddlers because as the day goes by we are giving birth to intelligent kids.

What other ways do you think we can raise a happy toddler, drop your view in the comment box.

Written by:
Temi Badmus.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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