Having studied in high school for six years and as a third year under graduate of one of the best universities in Nigeria. kudos to my parent anyways, they have given me more than enough chance to be a good and well raised young lady, At some period in my life , I realised the way some other growing up kids do things was actually different; I remeber most times in school among my click we say something like ” how did this boy’s parent raise him ?’. conversation like how they he grow up, why is he so corrupt? how does his parent correct him whenever he does things like this? I have happened to run into kids who were so corrupt that we just have to find a way to run away from them.

So I decided to keep a lot of bad friendss for a while , I kept a whole lot of them because I really needed to meet people , I wanted to help because I have lot of growing up girls and boys ; as a global ambassor for milky way youth movement I had lots of kids around and I needed to know how to put them on the right track and it was this desire in me that took me to keeping friends with kids whom I really needed to know much about.
Every good leader out there has their good and bad lifestyle but the main thing is they learn out of it.

I will be discussing five ways I have noticed corrupt kids were raised , don’t forget to also read my five ways successful kids were raised.
corrupt kids were raised to be.

1. Goal getters.

One interesting thing I have laerned from corrupt kids was they were raised to be goal getters; they do stop at nothing to achive whatever they decides to achieve , no postion is too small for them to get neither is anyone too big to be pulled down by them. The first thing I learnt from my corrupt friends was they were made to assume to have all they need; they assume they are better than everyone around, that always work for them until they meet another kid from a more corrupt parent. Corrupt kids are never afraid; IF you had being chance to be a friend to a corrupt kid, you will notice they are never suprised at anytthing. the point of it is they are awlays prepared for the worst because they have being trained to be a goal getter.

2. Keep friends with people worse than them.

This happens to many of them especially the naive ones, at a certain in my life I have had friends who will do anything to make their dreams come into fulfilment; and that anything includes them hurting other peope. I have had to ask them why they do that? and the answers falls to ” that was how my godfather does his things” they actaully learn so much from those peoplethey call their godfather, their mentor and other times their role model. They keep learning to be better at what they do and they do not mind keeping friends with people who are more pronounced than them, of course everyone needs someone who will make them better at what he or she does.

3. They do not take chances.

Another very interesting thing I learnt about corrupt kids is they do not take chances; what I mean by chances here is ” they do not give room to people whom their instinct says otherwise about” once their instinct does not give you the credit then they see you as the enemy and most often they form defensive weapob for their teritory against any attack from you. A good kid might have it in their mind to forgive you even when they are aware you will end up hurting them but corrupt kids do not do this. Some rare occassions which involves them taking chances is when they need to use the other person and they absolutely have no choice than to cope with wahtever the person does.

4. They are very inquisitive.

Naturally every corrupt person is inquisitive, they really want to know everything; and this is because they have a lot of things to hide, a survey that was carried out on good kids and corrupt kids shows that ‘good kids tends to ask question and most times they ask those question in a way that seems annoying to the person who has an answer to it while Corrupt kids asks question in a manner that shows they want to be informed , most at times they ask questions with uneasiness in their voice though some good kids do this so you really need to know much about corrupt kids so you will not judge a good kid in wrong manner.

5. They are always patient.

I know soemone out there is like really? oh yes really! they are very patient sets of people; those are the kids who have this I will find my better way to solve this problem can of attitude , they end up giving why you are busy trying to help look . They keep learning from all you do and most times they do exaclty the opposite of the good manners you do to find a solution to the problem. One of the most annoying thing about this attribute they have is; they use it to play on people’s intelligence.

written by: Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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