Few years ago someone told me he was a perfectionist; he made it clear to me that he does not make mistakes but that same day he made a very cruicial mistake. If you happen to know me or have a relationship with either as friend, family , coursemate etc; you will notice there are some things I feel people should not agrue about’ though this quote I saw few days ago stirred this article out in me, ”a person will never learn, when he is never submissive to correction.
a friend of mine once told she has this other friends who is got body odours; one has mouth odour, the other has body odour; the one who has mouth odour always complains about the house always smeling whenever the one with body odour is around but she just try to cover her noise whenver miss B with mouth odour is yarnining or talking, ”her breathe stinks ”he said. He does not have what it takes to correct her.

1. When people can not correct you.

most times in life a lot of people say things like ”I know my job, don’t teach me my job” maybe we really do know our job one time or the other . it is a whole lot worse when people can not correct you. when people can not correct you over what you do it signifies two things; you are not good enough or you are insecured, when you are not good enough , you will always stay away from corrections and this will only deter your ability to learn more. most people who hate others correcting them are just people who are scared of losing what they have and of course that is insecurity.

2.You are always right.

I made a visit to mr and mrs always right yesterday, I met them arguing over what shoe side should be worn first and both said otherwise, nobody can be the judge because they are always right. That is one of my best sarcaism; I use it whenever I am around people who are always right. If you watch people who claim being right closely; they do these because they are scared of ever being wrong ” the worst way to learn is never being wrong” when you are always right people do not want to start a conversation with you and when people are scared of doing this, it is a sign that you are not good at what you do. Few years ago I was priviledged to listen to a conversation ” I take my job seriously and you can not teach me my job” and the respondent said ” of course you do! that is why it is very difficult to learn anything new from you”

3.You are always defensive about your points.

When you are good at doing something; there is really no reason trying to defend every little thing you say. People who sucks at what they do will always try to defend every little thing they say; for example a lecturer who is teaching you and he is good at what he does doesn’t try to start acting in a defensive manner because a student asked a question, when you are very exceptionally at what you do, you listen more and talk less becuase people are aware that you know. The most interesting thing about bloggers is we all at time or the other try very hard to make sure our audience stay, how you are able to keep them is determine by how many blogs you are familair with and how many bloggers you are subjectives to. Stop being defensive!

4. Antigonises others.

9ice realised a song few months ago and I heard about how it went viral and within that same period I heard about how falz blasted him on social media; accusing 9ice of persauding poeple into doing yahoo business.Well I am not a fan of any of the two artists, I just listen to their songs on some occasions but at that period I knew falz was insecured of 9ice taking over.
My point here is people who suck at what they do always find a way to antigonises others just becuase they are scared they might lose whatever litttle achievement they have around them. In the era that we are now, there is absolutely no chance for people who can get things done half way because everyone is looking for an expert who will do it faster and better.

5. You have no boss.

People who suck at what they do do not often have boss, everyone in every area of business have a boss; no matter how good and smart they are,they will tell you ” oh ! that person is my boss” we all have someone we do learn from; those are the people we can always run back to whenever we find out that something is wrong and we could not help fix those things at that time, they are the bosses behind our achievement, they can never allow you fall, they always have your back. People who sucks at what they do often do not have bosses because they do not learn from others, they steal people’s knowledge.

written by: Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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