Domestic violence is being spoken against daily in different continents, nation, countries and states.
We have various groups of organisation, whom what they do, stand for or against is a domestically abused person or a person abusing another using domestic violence.
One painful part Of the fight is, the more the number of people fighting against it, the more the number of people getting abused. This is the major reason why certain research has being carried out about abuser on signs that he will never change.

1. If he has a domestic violent mentor.

We all have different mentor and at every point in life we want to emulate the things we learn from them, some of us go as far as trying to conceive their talking habit, walking habit, the kind of dresses they wear into personality. This is one Of the reason why a domestic abused person should watch carefully who the mentor of his abuser is, for example (If your husband’s or wife’s mentor is someone like senator Dino Malaye, you can be certain he might never change except God’s wonderful hands comes upon him). Forget about being patient here, if he has a domestic violent mentor, I would advice you take your leave and save your life’s span.

2. If he’s proud of what he does

Myles Munroe of late memory is a wonderful and a live changing preacher, he would go anywhere just to preach the word! he is sure proud of what he does!!.
I’m an article writer, I would use any available moment I have whether it is speared or not, I would write article, this is because I’m proud of what I do.
If a domestic abuser is proud of what he does, he keeps learning on How To advance, How To learn new skills, How To be better in what he does.
If your abuser is always proud of how he hits you, (A situation where you husband or wife is proud to tell hide friends or family he gave you a scare because you did something wrong, trust me he might never change and this is because he is proud of it.

3. If he has violent friends.

A man who walks alone is likely to reach where no one has ever gotten to, but a man who walks with the crowd will get no where better than where the crowd has gotten to.
A lot of men out there who hit their wives daily have friends, does it occur to you to know his group of friends?, what they discus and how well he convinces them about his wrongs and rights? so does he speak for a woman abuser too? Or against a woman abuser?
You do not want to stay the rest of your life with a man or woman who is surrounded by sets of friends who feels hitting you is right.
For example, my make friend can not hit his wife and still expect us to be friends, look for people who have friends that has positive impact in their lives.

4. He is fed up with life .

I have read lot of books about men and women who were fed up with life and it was their partner who ended up paying for the pains and agony they feel towards life.
You should love your wife or husband but you should not give your life to them to manhandle because they are done with life!
A man can only live once, if he does it right! Once is enough.
If your spouse is fed up with life, take them to a rehab home, don’t be the object of abuse that makes them feel they are achieving something by hurting you( it is called psychopathic feeling) You know that feeling people have when they know they have lost all that belongs to them, but there is this particular thing that can not escape their affliction of pain? Don’t be dying to keep another living.

5. When he affirms that he can’t change.

Large numbers of people are out there suffering, hoping and praying a person who does see reason to change changes. When someone tells you he can not change his attitude, all you need do is let go of them… Yes let go of them.
I have heard of cases where lot of innocent men and women has being killed due to the fact that they keep hoping that their abusers (he or she) will change, but sorry they can not change because they do not see reasons why they need to change.
For a person to change from being an abuser to a person who feels another should not be abused, it comes with conviction within their spirit mind and once he or she is not convinced that he needs to change, don’t ever force them to.
If you forced them to change they will only last a while.
I stand for a life where everyone has the right to be happy.
Written by
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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