Having checked a lot of things around, and the way the developing countries around us are taking advantage of the economical melt down Nigeria is going through. I realized if we are not careful the economics melt down we are going through will not end until 2020.

Below are five reasons why it is certain we endangering our nation’s economical valve by each day.

1. Unnecessary Companies are earning.

Some companies needs to had been scraped. Sentiments aside, the workers in the companies are not doing anything tangible than collecting money from the masses and making life Difficult and unbearable for every citizens of Nigeria. I do not see why a government of a community would sit down in some presidential seat and feel it’s a normal thing for his citizen to be dying of hunger due to economic melt down. It high time the government try and make sacrifice of letting down of some of these companies, we need to ignore whatever tax we are getting from them. Meanwhile expect my coming article which talks about five companies that should be scraped in Nigeria.
With all the taxes collected from some of this companies, am yet to see any noticeable changes in our budgets.

2. The labour force is declining.

Recently I heard about the elect president planing to counsel some networking business such as mmm, but nothing was actually done in respect to that. Few months to recent days other networking business has rising up in line, networking business like ultimate cycler, Rehab, and many more of which I didn’t hear about.
Nigerians been ignorant set of people that we usually potral ourselves to be. We feel this networking companie loves us, and that they just want us to earn money, of course they want us to earn money but forget about the love.
If you are into any of this networking business the only thing you are doing is destroying the labour force and making Nigeria a rich country with plenty poor people. There is dignity and value in labour, with networking business you are not disseminating any labour into our country” Nigeria”. You are building another man’s country, the truth is they pay tax for every networking you do for them. You reduce our labour force, their labour force is intact and they are earning through you.
It is wise to do the right. I never said you should not do networking business, I feel it is more edifying if you are aware of what you are doing to your country through this networking acts.

3. Available goods are been hoarded.

Naturally I have not seen any group of people who are as greedy as Nigerians,
My heart often bleeds because of this, petroleum’s price was increased early 2016 not because we didn’t have enough but Because some oil industry decided to hoard the one available, my question is ” do this people consider the poor masses and the penalties of their hoarding Acton? ”
Bag of rice has increased not because it few but because we are hoarding the one available.
All this habit will only worsen the economical melt down. The more you hoard the goods available the higher the price of things gets, and the more difficult it becomes for every Nigerian to survive this recession.
And the truth remains that some people will still survive. If a bag of rice is worth 50, 000 today, those who will purchase it will surely do . But what about the people who would love to but can not?

4. Nigeria product.

I would not have added this to my point but the annoying displaying of our foolishness as a country baffles me. I was at a popular super market few days ago and I saw made in Nigeria good been tagged ” Made in Nigeria ”
My question is why is made in China goods not been tagged.
Someone reading will say ” They want people to buy made in Nigeria goods, that is why they tagged it. ” let me ask you, when last have you bought made in Nigeria good? find out how many people has bought those goods and also do yourself the favour of finding out how many people decided not to buy it because they were tagged “made in Nigeria”. The number of people who decided not to buy these goods because they are tagged made in Nigeria good is 70% to 30% to those who bought it, why natural if it was just display, people will buy this goods with out considering any factors.
You don’t need to tag Nigeria goods, let people buy and appreciate it, then they will find out where it been made if it meets their taste.
I own nobody any apology for this, I believe strongly in the spirit of workmanship in my country and I will fight for it right to be seen. But it definitely not by tagging it, it in tasting and knowing the values.

5. 70% of Nigerians are depressed.

Have noticed almost everyone in Nigeria as of now is always mad at every little thing, even when the recession has not gotten to a depression stage, the citizens of this country are already depressed, punch published on 25th of December 2016 that about 120,000 children is likely to die due to the recession we are facing. Most people in the country are either angry at the fact that they can not get something done due to the fact that, the price is either too high or the commodity is neither not available.
Depressed people can not take decision that will help the nation even the elect president is depressed and that is one of the reasons why the president of a state could say his wife’s duty ends in the kitchen.

Further more, we need to know that If all the point listed above are not taken into cognizance, we will definitely end up having a four years of recession which will end the nation in a depression stage of economical destruction.

By Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.


  1. If I read this whole article and I don’t comment I’m a bad Nigerian. I love this and I think this is the word every Nigerian should hear. Good work!

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