So I was involved in this discussion few years ago with some friends and it seems like I was supporting the wrong view, though I had my points which of course made most of them hate me for that that fateful day.
Most people who reside with rich people do not end up rich, the argument was tough, some of us claim the whole problem is with the rich people not those people residing with them, I was one of the few teenager who stood for those rich people.
I will be clarifying most of the reason why I stood for the rich people that day, most rich people are arrogant, they feel those below then should be slaves! Well this is very correct, but I also believe in this adage that says ” When I become Queen ,there has to be people who will worship at my feet ” which return means, there has to be poor people in the world also.

I will be discussing five attitude of people who resides with rich or wealthy people, and most times this attitude of them ends up making them poor people.

1.They feel they own the rich people.

Most of rich people’s kids and family problems lie in the fact that most of them do not even know how hard this rich people had to work to become rich, but they find it easy to believe ” He’s my daddy so I have every right to his money ” he is my uncle so I have some certain right to his influence, so you end up lazy and not useful for the society due to the fact that one rich man or woman who is your family member will stand for you.
A lot of people has make this mistakes and many are still making it so I believe you knowing about this will really help.
You need to stop depending on the fact that you have someone who is rich, compare the number of people from poor background who are making the world a productive place to the number of kids from rich home. I’m not saying there are no rich kids who are making impact, I’m saying the larger pecentage of them are living in the trash can. Gosh!!!

2.They want to assume big not grow big.

You want to assume big because you know growing big is really hard to do but if you do it persistently, you will end up great. Most people will go somewhere and say ” I’m the son of so, so, and so” what about I’m so, So, and so. I was watching the E series and they were about to introduce those women and they introduced Kayla, ” wife of Julius Peppers or something” I want you to be introduced as you without someone being added to it before you presence make brain.
I’m a blogger, my dad is a professor before he died and my uncle is a professor, most people who knows me don’t even know this, because I promised myself not to allow their riches, influence and personality to affect mine negatively.

3. They lazy around when rich people ain’t around.

I have had to spend my holiday with lots of wealthy people and I see and observe how people who stay with them behaves once they are not around, assuming power and authority, doing nothing, just lazing around. Let assume you stay with a rich man who travel often, that means you would have used half of your life lazing around, you might be able to pretend whenever he or she is around but you can not pretend when you leave to stay on your own. That habit you practice the most will be the very sticking part of you. Trust me I have seen several people stay poor for attitude like these, so I’m getting tired of seeing hunmanity get wasted due to mistakes that can be controlled.

4. They get too bossery on their subordinates.

Ninety percent of many over Bossery people you meet in this world are people who lived with rich people while they were growing up, they had sold their ability to talk about what they feel to those rich people due to the fact that they always the money of those rich people to speak for them, or be regularly available for them, so by the time they end up being boss on their own, they want to excercise their power and authority over people under them. People in this kind of predicament are very difficult to understand or relate with. So my point is, if from when you stay with your rich parent or uncle, you make it known to them that you have your own mind, you don’t have to be rude about it, it will help you in the long run, when the time to rule people under you finally comes… You ain’t gonna be interested in being too bossy, you want to listen to others because you were taught to be able to.

5. The prefer the easy task to money.

The money just keep coming, you don’t know what or how those who you collect it from had to get it. This is one interesting I admire Davido for, he could have decided he will just sit at home and enjoy his father’s wealth, after school work under his father’s company, that will be the easy way to make a fortune, his business will blossom because business partners will respect him for who how father is, but he choose what he loves and now everyone around the world respects him for who he is and what he stands for?
Think about it, put it into practice and you can thank me later.

Written by : Temi Badmus.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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