I’m not an enemy to rich dad, rich kids; but trust me I’m not a fan of rich untrained kids, but of course I’m most times thrilled by their dating skills.
A lot of things in Nigeria are actually not my business but the few which are my business are the ones I do rather not ignore.

Few years ago when Tyga and Kaly Jyner were dating, I knew right from the scratch that the idea of the whole relationship was a parasitic one; that kind of relationship where one person is being sucked dry and the other party is getting healthier by the day. Well I was not bewildered when the relationship came to an abrupt end.
Studying them then; I realized most of these celebrities’ kids often use artists, especially the ones who are in the lime light as a ladder to uuneccessary media nuisance. This then brings me to getting and trying to dig out why a whole Otedola’s daughter would be dating Eazi… well a lot of things that can not be imagined happens in every celebrities’ affair.
Below are five dysfunctional reasons Temi Otedola is likey dating the multi-earning Mr Eazi who made it through the painful moment from the getto unto social media stunt.

1. Social the stunt.
One very disgusting thing about Nigerian so called celebrities is the stunt they pull through the socials.
For example Davido and Wizkid had a pull of their stunt few months ago and it was a massive hit! One major reason Temi Otedola is likely to be dating Eazi. A lot of people freaking know about Mr Otedola because he is a tycoon but nobody cares to know what his kids are doing, apart from Mr Otedola’s money; I really do not think anyone sees him as someone to be looked up to. I am a great fan of the dude anyway, I love people who work hard and have great results especially those who have a great success story but I’m definitely not a fan of rich unruly kids.
I did not know her before she pulled the media stunt of starting a relationship with Mr Eazi and Alas! It sure worked for her. I now hear about her, read articles about her and she has being part of few sensible programmes that has exposed her a bit.

2. Paparazzi bullshit.
I can not rememeber where I read about the relationship when it started but I vividly remember seeing some paparazzi pictures that ofcourse made a lot of people who are Eazi’s fans to be interested in her personality. I kept on seeing pictures of herself and Eazi. At a time we heard of people saying she was dating Eazi for fame but all this still remains the paparazzi bullshit! Trying to form a face among crowd and this is what happened between Falz and Simi but unfortunately for Simi she seems to be some kid who does not know how to play her game.

3. The big bail.
I can be my daddy’s girl and still not have the big bail, which means my account is stucked monthly by my dad and mum. At a point early 2017, I heard about Eazi not showing up for a performance worth millions of naria. I knew he was a big fish for any Nigerian lady to have in her net as of that period, I was imagining who will be the big bail just like the way Adesuwa was the fisherman and Banky W was the big bail and the fish. Though I would have preferred Eazi going for a random girl in other for me to be sure that his musical future is safe. Rich kids don’t stay humble to big bails normal kids do.

4.Fan base
At a stage in celebrities’ lives in Nigeria, everyone wants to build a face. It is faster when you build your face using the image of someone who is probably hitting the crowd at that particular moment. Eazi was just at the peak of his career when I heard of the romantic relationship between himself and Temi Otedola. His fans were really eager to know if it was true; with time we all found out that the romantic relationship was true but a certain song produced by Eazi made me know his romatic relationship might just be the normal random relationship which is done to increase fan base.

How on earth can Temi Otedola be in a relationship with Eazi was what a lot of people said from the start, but I strongly believe it could be for love and other times my heart aches when I hear people say things like “how ugly Eazi is”. I have had to tell someone ‘’even though Eazi is ugly as you claim, his pocket is fresh, that is why our Otedola’s daughter could stay till now.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/temi-badmus-a7171bb1


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