I have lived and made friends with different type of people. There is this quote I cherish a lot, “Good people give you happiness, bad ones give you experience, worse people give you lessons”. After much deliberation about this quote, I concluded that all these set of people are needed. Allow me to say people who are always right give you none of these . They either give you a strong personality or a weak one, it all depends on whether you have the strength to withstand them or leave.


While I was growing up, it was some how different with me compared to every other child around me because I’m very inquisitive and I always question everything. I believe I have my own mind, so even if you are right about something with which I could be right or wrong about, I always make sure my thoughts are known and my views are perceived but the truth remains I will let you know what I think or feel. People who always think they are right don’t want you to have a say, they believe, “this is right and you just have to accept it”, and because you don’t want a headache you accept it. Continuous argument gives headache and this is why we have a lot of timid Nigerians. “They say I don’t want to talk because this guy or this lady is the ‘always right type’. Mehn, you can decide to talk or walk away but you don’t have to get the headache, it all depend on you.


Have you ever being in a situation where you were about to say something but because this man or this woman who feels they are always right is around, all you did was keep quiet? Later on you found out that if you had said something you would have gain a lot and people around would have learnt alot from you, but you deprive them of the knowledge they could have gotten. Permit me to say you ain’t living your life my dear, you are living for someone else. I don’t believe one person is more intelligent or the other is dumb but I strongly believe the amount of work you put in is what makes the difference. Remember saying your views is a form of work to achieve success. When I was twelve years old, I had this friend who always think she is right, she would argue everything and I would join her but when I clock 17years old I stopped arguing with people because it does nothing than rule over your personality especially once you know they are “Mr or Mrs always right”. Keep the saliva and the time plus the energy but if you know you are strong enough face the argument but don’t forget that even the Bible says, “only a fool speaks louder than his mind”.


Throughout my hundred level days, I had this good friend who is always complaining about her aunt. One particular day she was like, “Temi, this woman said she doesn’t like people wasting her drinking water, I could not finished a sachet of water so I left it in the refrigerator to avoid a mess in the house, but she was still complaining about it, What do you think I should do”
I replied, “you keep quiet and watch”. Don’t let her confuse you”. She is confused herself. If you are not strong enough to drive your point, all they do is give you a headache and that makes you confused. I actually love them because I have a very good way of dealing with them.


Most of them don’t know half of what you know but they are eloquent, they can talk better. They will so override your big point with their little view and that’s one important thing about great people’s personality, lol….
I had a conversation some few years back and it was with my boss who asked me, “why didn’t you close the door to the computer house?” I responded,”I forgot sir.” My boss then said, “I am a perfectionist, I don’t make mistakes”. Interestingly, he forgot to close the door too at the close of the day.
It was very funny to me. You know why because perfectionist are not people who don’t just make mistakes but they do correct mistakes.
So any one who can not correct a mistake after complaining about it is not really a Perfectionist. Hold that tightly to your heart.
It’s not in the talking, it’s in the brain and actions, intelligent people hardly talk….
Let me refer to Albert estein, “intelligent people always do things intelligently’ they don’t give speeches”.


For people who can not battle words with them, all they do is control them, allow me to say this here, I have huge problem with people who anyone can just control, you should be controllable but don’t be controlled. I meant easily control by anyone. Everyone has a definition of what they want to define you with but how strong is your own definition of yourself? You can not be in a situation because someone just wants you to be in it. It’s like marrying a drug addict and when asked why all you could say is, “because he said I should”. That means you don’t have a definition of yourself, let your definition be definite so even if you have to bend it, it’s because it is worth bending.


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