I school in an institution where the right of students are being compromised just because they are students, this has never even being my headache, of course I live in a country being ruled in an upside down manners. The right of youth is never a crucial object of debates, the only moment the youth are needed is when there is a need to be voted for, that is the whole time the country remembers the youth.

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This got me thinking, what about things that happens to students in the higher institution, why is there an increase in the number of robbers, hooligans and lackadaisical youth in the society?

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Let talk about the pains youth go through before coming into the labour market, yes! That brings Me to what they go through in the university.

I have read lot of articles confirming how excellent black are performing in every of their activities outside the country, so what happened to those in the country? Since the school is where most teenagers and youth stays more, I decided to pick the situation happening to students.
I will be writing about five questions every lecturers teaching in Nigeria should have answers to, whether he teaches at federal university, states or private, he should have answers to these questions.

1. Is he google inclined?

Things get researched and renew daily and the most annoying things about teaching and learning in Nigeria is most lecturers do not know any thing on How To use smartphone, they do not know How To google search and read the latest things about the area of their concentration .
Most of them are garbage in, garbage out, I happen to know a lecturer who will never give you the mark you deserve except you give her the same note she gave you during your examination . I’m not sure Of The main reasons why Nigerian students who are very intelligent fails but I’m very sure of why brilliant student score good grade in Nigeria, the major reason goes to they cram to put what the lecturer gave so as to be put down in the same way it was given, they do not read to understand.

2. What does he feel about student failing his course?

I have being to a university where ninety percent of student will fail a lecturer’s course and the authority in the school will do nothing about it, for example I did a course in my second year and only ten percentage passed the course, work myself inclusively have an “E”.
If the federal government shows interest on how a lecturer feels when students fail his course, we will have a lot of lecturers who are not marking sucking but mark given.
Some of these lecturers believe you need to suffer to score a good grade, some of them will say “You can not have an “A” in their courses.
I have heard of a situation where the lecturer is bold enough to tell the students, ” Don’t brother disturbing yourself, you can not have an “A” in my course, A is for God, B is for me and C is for the most brilliant students.
Can you just imagine?

3. How does he feel when students are hurt?

A lot of people in Africa are selfish, when I was young I learnt that elderly people are good people, loving people, in fact my parent taught that elderly people are like God, they don’t do evil but when I got to the university, I realized that there are wicked elders in the world.

A lot of elders in the era we find ourselves feels they are competing with the youths, they therefore hurts the youths at every point they can.
Some of them talks to us like we are animals, forgetting that someday we will be grown ups like them. They teaches us wrong morals, most of them find it difficult to say ” a word of apology ” just because they are our lecturers, a lot of youths outside has gone off their lane due to the lackadaisical way our societal lecturers who are old people do behavior. Our parent can not solve this problem, so we are in between the help from school authorities who I’m sure will not do the right thing in most universities especially federal universities, only the federal government can help.
A lot of Africans are making it outside Nigeria as students, why do the politicians send their kids to school abroad? My answer will be it’s because we have plenty lecturers who are incompetent in what they do, therefore they inflict failures on students who are trying their best to have a good grade. Why would I want my child suffer for someone’s incompetency?

4. How do he see himself ?

I have seen a lot of lecturers who are Dr’s. And I wondered every single minute I set my eye on them, I keeping pondering on how they got that tittle “Dr”.
Some of them are no way different from the pepper sellers in the market, the way they talk, the way thru dress and their side of teaching! It is wrecking. Some of them speak to students as if they are inhumane, I was having a discussion with a university mate few months ago, she mentioned in our discussion of how a female lecturer told the whole class “You all ought to be in prison! Your generation is domed! ”
Of course, such a lecturer to me should be left to stay in rehab for sometimes.
What I’m saying here is ” Federal government should construct some physiological test before making anyone a lecturer, some of these people are not physiologically normal and yet we are being put under them for tutor. They do not know anything good about themselves.
I have a lecturer who I’m so proud is my lecturer, his thought is always positive and that is why he often say positive things, he teaches with a positive vibe, dear federal government, stop signing people who are destroying the lives of youth as lecturers.
The time will come where there will be no one to impact positively, but for now give student only lecturers who will help the world not the one who will destroy it.

5. What would be be doing if not lecturing?

When you see a lecturer who has passion for whatever he is doing, there are two things he always do.

He impact students with the hope of seeing them successful.
He has a lot of Student praying for him.
A lot of lecturers in Nigeria universities are just there for no reasons.
If lecturers assessment is being in Nigeria the way it is being carried out in the united states, seventy percent of those lecturers would have being laid off.
A good lecturer if not doing his teaching job would still love to be impacting knowledge to others.
I have carried out a lot of researches and this article is written base of ninety percent reply from students across Nigeria. I will appreciate if the federal government can consider students and fix these things.

Written by:
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


  1. Nice one Temmy. You raised some salient points. My observation is just on your tenses. I suggest you should always peruse ur articles well before u publish them. Good job.

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