I was on my way to church about few years ago, when I happened to run into a mother of three. She was slim, light skinned with sexy legs and the most interesting part of it was she was on a heel which if I was too measure would be about three point five inches tall, of course she had no belly fat.

I made up my mind that fateful day that no matter what happens I will make sure I maintain my slim structure, though it is a whole lot of work but I am convinved it will be worth doing.

I have met a lot of beautiful women from across the world, fair ,dark or caramel skin and the most interesting thing I have studied about all of them is how some of them maintain their structure and the others allows it to become what it feels like becoming.

I will be discussing few ways I have worked and of course I have seen pretty women out there maintain their great body structure , and how to get good body structure in case you are thinking it is impossible to get one.
I will be enlightening you on how to go around getting that great body structure without having to consume chemicals.

1. Water therapy.

This is one of the most interesting natural remedy to getting ride of body fat, most of body fat are stored up in the body as excess starch which at the end makes the body heavy and weighty.
Water therapy has worked for a whole lot of people, I have heard people say ‘’I lost ten pounds after I did it, though it was not easy!’’ the best way to have a rapid and positive result is by taking at least four glass cup of water as early as five thirty in the morning , apart from aiding fast absorption of useful body ions into the blood stream; it also help in the rapid digestion of food in the ileum. Water therapy does not just help to reduce body fat through digestion , it also recirculate nutrients to every part of the body which enhances freshness of the body system.

2. Lemon water therapy .

Lemon is a great citrus family which is highly useful for huge functions in the home. Lemon water therapy works for the reduction of belly fat due to the presence of antioxidants in lemon. Anthancyanin compound of flavoniods is the color pigment which is responsible for the coloration of most fruits and vegetables, antioxidants are responsible for breaking down and excretion of certain chemical which are toxic to the body, lemon contains most of these essential antioxidants. Lemon water therapy is very good for reduction of belly fat and it is more effective when taken warm, which means the lemon should be squeezed in a water cup of warm water; precisely one lemon per half glass cup of water. Lemon water therapy can be taken twice a day in respect to how fast the user wants the result.

3. Laughing hard.

Laughing hard is one of the best way to get ride of belly fat, I have come across people who say it is one of the hardest way to reduce belly fat. Laughing hard is one the hardest way to reduce belly fat; I tried it and I saw the impact, though I could not deny the fact that it is hard. What keeps most people doing laughing hard is the determination to get ride of the fat. You need to be faithful and persistent then you get a rapid result. Laughing hard as the name implies involves you laughing hard, people who are faithful with laughing hard, farting becomes often but it is fun…

4.Round jugging.

One of the best way to reduce belly fat is round jugging, a lot of people in the olden days did this a lot, running short distance race with them holding a slightly heavy metal. Round jugging is often done in zig zag manner, almost like in a random motion but done with a metal which extends and relaxes the muscle. The process of extension and relaxation is what leads to the metabolic break down of certain toxic substance which often leads to the formations of fats in body parts like butts, thighs , shoulders etc

5.Off sugar.

Final digestive product of starchy food product is sugar, certain sugar likes starchyose, verbalose and rafinlose often leads the productions of flatulence. Commonly, most carbohydrate food product are high sugar producing food substance. I watched a food and healthy life video few months ago, the Utube tutor talked about how eating bitter leafy fruits food substance makes me more healthy than the sweet ones.

I often stay on lemon drinks due to this facts and it has really worked for me.
I stay on drinks like lemonades drinks and most bitter drink and I have never had a reason to regret it, I do not see myself having belly fat even after giving birth to all my kids, though this will involve a lot of hard work from me, but it will be great anyways.

Temi Badmus


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