People always say I don’t like minding my business; well let me be sincere and truthful here, I am a writer and because of this personality I will not be to mind my business, a lot of things out there is my business because it puts people around me at risk. The most interesting thing about Nigerian artist is where most of them get their information do not have a clean source of inspiration; I have heard songs that makes me wonder if the minister of entertainment ever undergoes any secondary education especially music, we have a lot entertainer in Nigerian but definitely not musicians because a lot of the so call Nigerian artist produces meaningless rubbish and they hmm words that goes in hands and explain to us that they are singing. I will be discussing five Nigeria artist whose song has actually proven the economic and financial crime commission are only after the government and not every Nigerian who shows financial insult towards every currency.

1. Olamide.

Early this year Olamide released a song tittled ‘’ WHO YOU EPP?’’ this song was a hit song and I was also a great fan of it, Olamide has being one of the artist I really appreciate and sees as an icon among Nigerian artist; apart from the fact that he is an indigenous rapper and artist, I love the fact that he pulls thye ghetto and even the butty children along.
This song was a great hit and in fact I loved it but I have to just write this because it is just too much for olamide and I feel EFCC should do something because it should not just be about standing on the neck on politicians but also everyone who abuse every form of currencies,
Coming through …issue… pound sterling lawa fin se tissue …. How on earth can someone say pound sterling is what he will use as tissue? if that song was produced and released in the
United Kingdom, do you know Qlamide might have being charged and sentenced for abusing their currency why won’t EFCC sound a warning or sword of courtesy to him?

2. Lil kesh.
I am not a fan of Lil kesh; seriously I used to be a fan of his but with time, I just find it so annoying to listen to his songs as time goes by. I have heard songs of lil kesh that irritates me; this are words I have gotten from most people who listen to lil kesh, he is too raw and his lyrics are disgusting; some of his fans says.
But that is not my own business; my business with him started when I listened to one of his song which every words in the song said ‘’ see my motor car, emi pelu ruka
Then he said ‘’ nisin mofe ma fin champagne tanba. How can he say that? That is a whole lot of insult on Nigeria currency or whatever currency he used in buying the champagne … I will appreciate his songs any day any time.

3. P square.
Well, I am a great fan of peter and Paul; I have always being a fan of them both because their style of song is just very perfect for me and a lot of people admires them; from a beautiful children to their awesome family, though I’m really going to comment on a song they released lately which was named ‘’Bank alert’’ a song which he was saying his bank account na gbagaan, my cheque no dey bounce!!! If his bank account na gbagaan why is he telling the world because that should be a sign for EFCC to check him out; though artist are rich people but they can still be place to trials due to their songs.


Davido is one of the youngest and achieving leading artist; I love the fact that even though he is from a rich home, he still works so hard to become someone on his own. Davido has actually being singing a lot of songs that most of his fans are beginning to have some doubts about his musical ability lately, he started with money fall on you, then the interesting one happened when he released ‘’IF’’ where he was telling the world about how he has thirty billion naria in his account; this was not because he was declaring his asset but because he wanted to inform us on how much Gucci and lots of gold, he would love for the lady he was in love with to receive .I think EFCC should check him Out.

5. 9ice

Everyone around the country probably know or has listened to this song, “Living thing” was a song released by 9ice sometime around the middle of the year 2017, the song happened to have caused a lot of controversy between 9ice and fellow artist but that actually is not my business right now , their controversy as of then was seen as a poison made from jealousy; which of course I do agree to.
The song says: kin sa ti low, ole lonbomoje, kin sati lowo.
Then he said something about a lazy who sleeps and snores, he doesn’t know his ways about to google, is google dashing money out to people?
Just saying mine anyways.

Written by:
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/temi-badmus-a7171bb1


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  3. i agree with u in all the songs u mentioned except ‘bank alert’ and ‘If’… actually i dont see anything wrong with letting a lady knw that you have a fat account.. thumbs up though

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