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When it comes to being influential, everyone wants to be one, but being brilliant and influential is not something people get to have in a day. Being influential is something people worked hard to earn, you don’t force people to know you, you work hard, show compassion and there you are, right in their mind.
Below are five most influential student from the great Ife, (from the Institution of Obafemi Awololwo)
Enjoy as you read.

5. Lamba.

The social director of the Student Union and also an arrow head of the house of Lamba before he was elected. He is a student of faculty of agriculture and also a great man with influence in the student’s social sector.
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He won the election to the seat of director of socials of the student union massively due to his great influence in the social atmosphere. He has served as the director of social in his department, faculty and now at the peak which is the Great Ife Student Union.

4. Hon-IBK:

– An influential man from the faculty of technology who is a leader of a popular sect of student i.e Ideological groups popularly known as the left. He is a part five student of department of Civil Engineering.

A great man who is known for advocating student interest. He contested for seat of presidency of the Student Union which he lost but won in 2 faculties (Education and Technology). He is known to be man who has been an overtime student due to a tactical suspension by the management in the course of protecting students interest.

3. Oyo:

One of the most influential and youngest in the Great Ife political Atmosphere. This man is well known in virtually all the spheres or sector of student. He started his political career as freshman when he contested for the seat of director of sport in Angola hall of residence and he won. He was elected due to his strong influence in the aspect of sports. He was then elected the pioneering Vice president of faculty of EDM student body as a part 2 student. To show his strong influence in his faculty, he contested for the seat of president of the Student Union and despite all criticism about his age, he won convincingly in his faculty but lost the polls.

He is also a strong force in the social sector as he is a member of D&G band where he also exhibits his talent in entertainment. He has also gained a lot personal relationship with people through his handsome looking face and also his humility. It is been rumoured that he is very young and even rumoured to be teenager. But even as young as rumoured, he can pull a lot of forces.

2. 2much Akanni.

He is a student of faculty of Education is also a strong force on campus. He is a former president of Osun state college of Education Ila-orangun Student Union. And he got admitted through direct entry into this University (OAU) within his short stay on campus, he has built a very strong influence in his faculty and also thoroughly personal relationship with people. He was awarded the best charismatic student of the year in his part 3 days by Hotinc.He recently won the most charismatic student at an event hosted by HOTINC, which makes it the 2nd time consecutively. He is a political juggernaut and has his tentacles on campus especially in faculty of education.

1. Fynest Boi:

I regard him as one of OAU finest political juggernaut. He is a student of department of philosophy. He contested as a part one student for the seat of General Secretary of Angola Hall which he was the runner up. He was elected as the class rep of his class in his part one and also as AGS. He served in the capacity of AGS and was awarded the best executive of the year. He served as the president of his department in his part 3 days. He was elected has the Secretary General of the student Union and he has been a very influential man in the political atmosphere of faculty of Art and Great Ife at large. It was reportedly confirmed that He is the only Student that contested with A first class CGPA result in the STUDENTS’ UNION ELECTION. He also won the Oscar Award for the Online Media Personality of the year.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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