The newly updated whatsapp functionalities, You will need the latest version of WhatsApp to follow along with this guide, or at least use the 2.12.17 build of WhatsApp by updating it through the App Store app.

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, then start a chat with one of your contacts. To format any of the text inside your message, use one of the special characters from the list below to add emphasis to one word or even a sequence of multiple words.

I will discussing five functions of the newly updated whatsapp which you should really be familiar with. Few days ago someone was asking me to teach her how to tag a friend on Instagram, it’s absurd right? That is how it could be if some people get to know you don’t know some new functions of the latest whatsapp.
1. Italicising a word your chat.
To italicize a word actually means to put it in a more concise form, a more appealing view to the eye.
Let me use the definition to put in italics.
Long press on the letter S at the beginning of your word and verse versa at the end.
_gimmwhear is fountain of brain_
That means this sign _ has been added at the beginning and at the end of the sentence.

2. Making the word bolder.
I think this is the most common and easy one everyone is aware of, most people only know the first method of doing it. I will discuss the second method.
The first method is clicking on your a steric sign at the beginning and end of the word.
*I am crazily in love*
Which means * has been added at the beginning and end of the sentence.
The second method is a long press on the letter K at the beginning and end of the sentence.


3. Strike though.
If you have seen this type of writing you might really get pissed at first but really it is very interesting. It is gotten used the tlide sign ~
. ~of course I think I’m in love with gimmehear~
That means this ~ sign has been added to the beginning and at the back.

4. Updating of status.
If you have the latest whatsapp you will realize you can know update in form of video or pictures, the interesting part is you can put a caption on the video or picture and it can be spammed to receive a reply from your whatsapp contacts.

5. Video call pause.
Do you know you can actually put a pause to a video call on whatsapp, whenever you receive a video call on whatsapp, you can slide the call to a smaller box in case you need to reply a chat depending on the type of phone you use.
Researched and complied by :
Temi Badmus

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