I’m not an enemy of ladies on low-cut, in fact I adore them. It takes huge courage for a woman to decide to have her hair barbed. Irrespective of whether she is cute with low-cut or not, I see it as a very huge confidential way of living. I will love to discuss five not so good things about women on low-cut though they have a lot of advantages, if you are dating one. Hold on to her so tight dude!

1. They are either too smart or too dumb.

You see some women are exceptionally smart, if you check out the number of women who takes abstract decision often, they are usually women on low-cut. A famous example is
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the ex mininster of finance.
main reason is that they have Sharpened their level of reasoning to that of a man, on the other hand you will see some women on low-cut doing things in an unthinkable way, mainly because of inferiority complex. A woman’s hair is her pride, some women on low-cut has issues with their personality once the hair is off their head. So you really need to know why your woman wants to have her hair cut. If you need a smart woman you can’t handle, allow her to barb her hair because she wants to and if you need a dumb woman you can’t stand, allow her to barb her hair due to some unfavorable condition not because she wants to.

2. They might taint your personality at first sight.

Most people feel it’s abnormal for a woman to have her hair barbed, base on some crucial facts I do agree with them. Many people out there will first have this impression that your girlfriend is a bad girl once she is on low-cut and if you are someone who can’t stand your personality been on the lane of shaking, it’s better you don’t try dating a woman on low-cut. You know there are some guys who can not stand anyone having a bad thought about them. If you fall under this category women on low-cut ain’t for you. How many of you Herr would love to take Miley Cyrus home as your house?

3. They try to contend with men.

True me, I have met women on low-cut, they have this great confidence that most guys can not stand.
I was with a friend some few weeks ago and her boyfriend was telling me how she is too bold for his liking.
I was like ” that’s what happens to women on low-cut, we try to act like we are men” and most men do not really appreciate their women behaving like a man. Ladies on low-cut often do not like to show their weakness, they believe ” am almost equal with this guy so why should I show that I am weaker” that’s the feeling of having a short hair actually.
Demi Moore wanted to prove she was with the men in her movie striptease. She did that by chopping her hair off.

4. They are prone to flirting.

Lol. To be sincere 70% of women on low-cut are prone to flirting than women on plated hair. there’s this sudden attraction a man naturally would just have on a woman with low-cut. 90% of guys love women who competes with them. This is one of the major reason a guy would tell you he will love to date a Tom boy. Ladies on low-cut are easily been chased after by men and this usually put them in a tight corner between cheating and been faithful. And you may not be very lucky If she is very cute, her hair cut is usually arranged and neat. But trust me we have a few number of them who are faithful anyway. Amber Rose who has been killing the game with her blonde cut ever since she was sighted in “What them girl like” she is a great example of this.

5. They don’t care much.

Have you seen a woman on plated hair come out of their houses on bath room slippers?
Well it very rare to see one and if you see it not much with them. But check women on low-cut, They can Wear anything to any wear. They have low-cut top, low jeans, shirt skirts and many more. You will see them in school without makeup, they don’t really care much because since the moment they have their hair barbed a lot of feminine culture in them was given off. So if you love a moderately classy girlfriend, women on low-cut ain’t for you.
They are either not classy or over classy.
Jessie J is a popular singer on low-cut . Known for a popular songs “Price Tag” and “Domino” came on the scene with a sleek black bob and choppy thick bangs. But she shocked all of her fans when she ditched that bold look for an even more eye-popping style–a blonde bob that she decorates with a bright red lip. While we were bigger fans of the bob, the buzz cut definitely stood out on the beauty.

Irrespective of whether your lover is on Anita paker, afrobeat, jerrycoily or others, one thing I am sure about is that women on low-cut are special people with great courage.
Imagine having someone chopped her hair and she is still doing her thing. Though it is demanding having your woman on low-cut but it is also interesting.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.


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