5. Breathing Indoors
Forget car exhaust and industrial smoke: the air
inside your house is apparently four times more
polluted than the air outside. This pollution
comes from what are called “volatile organic
compounds” ( or VOCs ): things like plants, paint
and cleaning products. New buildings are
especially polluted, since they have so many new
materials inside.
The health effects of VOCs include a range of
horrifying things, such as damage to the liver,
kidneys and central nervous system – as well as
less horrifying things, like eye and nose irritation
and dizziness. It almost goes without saying that
VOCs have also been linked to cancer.
4. Drinking Fruit Juice
Ah, but what if you do eat healthily, work hard,
and let yourself be mildly grumpy? Surely you’d
be guaranteed a long (though possibly miserable)
Sulphur dioxide is found in things like dried fruit,
fruit juices and even in the doctor’s choice:
muesli. It’s used as a preservative, and as the
glue which helps to hold the food together.
Unfortunately it’s not made for the human body
– and “when introduced it inhibits specific nerve
signals, restricts lung performance, and is a
direct allergen.” It’s also been linked to
miscarriages, and is one of the top two most
common air pollutants.
3. Smiling
So you don’t exercise as much as you should,
and maybe you don’t eat all that much fruit. And
yes, perhaps you drink your own body weight in
alcohol. Perhaps hourly. But at least you have
one thing going for you: you’re happy, and them
health freaks can’t take that one away from you,
can they?
Well it turns out that they can. Happiness is a
health risk.
The Longevity Project is a study that began in
1921; over the decades since then, it has
followed 1,500 participants. One of the project’s
many discoveries is that happy people are likely
to die younger than people who are a bit
miserable. Or more precisely – in the words of
Dr Leslie Martin of La Sierra University –
“Participants who were the most cheerful and
had the best sense of humour as kids lived
shorter lives, on average, than those who were
less cheerful and joking.”
People who are happy are more likely to take
risks, gamble with their health, eat more
unhealthily and generally burn out as young,
alcoholic, presumably still-happy junkies. If you
do fall into the optimist category, don’t worry
about it (and let’s face it, you won’t); death
himself couldn’t wipe that smile off your face.
2. Eating Fast Food and
Microwave Popcorn…But For
Unexpected Reasons
Eating popcorn, or some deliciously greasy
French fries, is not going to help you win a
marathon any time soon. Everyone knows that
fast food is full of killer crap – but it’s not just
the food that’ll clog your arteries.
The bag it comes in pretty much means that
you’re eating death-in-a-bag. Scientists in
Toronto discovered that the chemicals used in
junk food wrappers to make them grease proof,
are migrating from the bag to the food – and
thereby to our bodies. These chemicals are,
according to the FDA, “likely carcinogens”, which
can cause cancer.
Diacetyl, an FDA-approved chemical found in the
fake butter flavoring on popcorn, is also
apparently responsible for a respiratory illness
which can cause something called “ popcorn
workers lung“. Workers in popcorn-making
factories are at high risk of picking up the illness
– and it has already turned up in one American
who merely ate a load of popcorn each day.
1.Putting on Sunscreen
For years, everyone from skin specialists and
doctors to Australian film directors have advised
us to wear more sunscreen. Considering its skin
cancer prevention powers, this seemed like good
But it turns out that sunscreen is not as super
as it seems. In addition to stopping you getting
sunburn, sunscreen also blocks out the vital
vitamin D. This truly terrific vitamin helps
maintain healthy bones, promotes a balanced
immune system, and fights HIV. It also eats
cancer cells. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise
that people deficient in the vitamin are more
likely to get sick. In fact, in Europe it’s
estimated that a quarter of women who died
from breast cancer might have lived if they had
maintained adequate vitamin D levels and just
saw more sunshine. Or, perhaps, just wore less
The problems with sunscreen have been known
for some time now. Numerous chemical toxins
have been found in certain sunscreen products
down through the years. These poisonous and
unpronounceable toxins include benzophenones,
cinnamates and menthyl anthranilate which are
banned in the EU, Canada and Australia. All are
still sold in a number of sunscreen products in
the US. Even worse is the fact that many of
these chemicals have estrogen-like side-effects,
which can lower sperm counts and cause birth
defects in children. It also affects penis size.
The free radical causing agents found within
sunscreen are absorbed into the bloodstream in
at least 35 percent of cases, which damages the
fats, proteins, and DNA of certain cells. This can
age the skin prematurely, and eventually lead to
cancer. So as well as defending you from skin
cancer, some sunscreen products can CAUSE
CANCER. And penis envy.
You can read more from Kevin Forde on his
website .
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