So many non Africa countries wondered why Africa hasn’t been meeting up to the standard they were expected of. As an African, a growing up young lady I have learnt a lot from my father. The major thing that decides what and where a person can reach in life is basically what he decide to believe and act upon. No wonder they say a man who walks with the crowd will get no where better than the crowd but the one who walks alone is likely to get to somewhere different. But what baffles me a lot is how can a continent of about billions of homo sapiens believe in the same belief… So I started wondering if it was spiritual or physical, or better still it could be a thing of physiology.
Below is five foolish belief of Africans men and women, kids and the zygote since colonization.

1. They believe white men are gods.

Since the days of colonization, Africans has come to believe a white man could be liken to a god or an image to be adorned or worshiped. Of course I have seen a lot of Africans do this shits over the years. One thing I don’t get is Africans tend to belittle our personality even when our kids go out there to school in foreign countries, they graduate with the best grades and yet we are still slaves to the white, a black man will never rule America not because we are not able but because we have sold our ability through timidity and inadequate manners of tendering for justice. The more reasons why Donald Trump could say he doesn’t want Africans because they took the jobs that is meant to be done by their citizens. Africans are threats to every foreign countries not because we are terrorists but because whenever we do things the touch is different but our thinking level is what makes the white men see us as people to be kept under slavery. We believe they can rule over us, we believe we have to do everything they say to stay in their countries, to keep their papers, to be an acceptable citizen in their land. When Africans starts showing that we don’t care about the foreign land, the white will be sure we do not worship them, we only demand an amiable relationship with them.

2. We believe staying with them is a do or die thing.

So many shits Africans practices hurts my feelings so many times, I’m not a sadist but I do not believe the foreigner are better than I am, in fact allow me to say I believe I’m far better than they are. I do not get the education I have in an easy way yet I’m highly intelligent compared to their kids. I do not have to go to church everyday yet I know the difference between how I should live my teenage life and my adult life. The America ambassador in Nigeria according to my research few years ago doesn’t eat anything made in Nigeria. Everything he eats is imported, from the most important to the least he needs. But we have a lot of Africans in the foreign countries who has decided not to return to their homes. It hurts so much to know they would do anything to ridicule their personality just to have a green card. I am not saying don’t have business with the foreigners, I’m only saying we will have values when we as Africans work on ourselves and let the Foreigners know that we can do more without them around. The truth is that we can but we have never tried to!

3. We believe business is better over there.

A fellow blogger would always tell me he prefer to do business with foreigners than Africans. We are the enemies of our progress ourselves. I believe every other Africans apart even myself is a selfish person waiting for an opportunity to satisfy his desire, well that is true but not very true! Not all Africans are not trustworthy business men or women. Due to all this lies we tell ourselves, we decide to establish our business in a land that has grown and dump the remaining refuse on our own land that is still growing and probably going into destruction.

4. Every African thinks in an awkward manners.

Seriously… I thought we are black people with a maleficent difference until I grew up to meet people who think in a manner that I found so absurd and awkward. An average African will tell you he’s she would love that be in power and if you asked why? His replied would be to take his own part of the national cake. I have met guys from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Kenya and to be sincere I feel so disgusted at the way they think. I was reading about how Donald Trump has built a home with wealth before applying for the presidential Seat, how he has provided jobs for about two hundred youths. The funny thing about at Africa again is we believe that female gender can not really rule. Trust me we have missed a lot with that thinking. Through the his history of United States, the presidents Who made the most magnanimous impact were those one whose wives were educated and learned.

5. We belief the issue is with the country.

Every body kept saying the problem is with the country, my point is the problem is not with the country but the occupants.

Written by:

Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.


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