I’m a woman with the heart of a man, probably that’s why I could not this mistakes. Sometimes I just do not understand how I have gone so far in my university education without being a victim of this situations. I have decided to write on these points, if I’m able to help other young people like myself. I will be more happy and fulfiled knowing they did not make these mistakes Because I intimated them about it.
Below are five mistakes 90% students makes in the university or colleges mostly in their first years.

1. You want to date a school celebrity.

Trust me!. No damn person is a Celeb in college except their parent is the kardasians, the Carter or the avalanche. But we literally make this mistakes thinking Because this guy or lady is popular I must date him/her. The problem with all this so call celebrities is your love relationships won’t last because almost 50% of the School’s population thinks they must date them too. 30% might have been used and dumped by them, 20% of the other people do not like their personality. Trust me, you will be a better person if you don’t even like them because that will give you more edge over them, I’m not talking about hating them in this context, I’m talking about when you don’t give a damn about the things they do.

2. Dating people in their last year.

This mistakes is common among ladies. During your first year in college all you think you need is a shield. You feel you need Someone who can protect you from every danger in college or university but trust me! All you need then is no body except God and yourself. In my first year in the university I met so many guys in their third, fourth and fifth year. I happened to be studying a professional course, most of them told me how much they love me, one of them went to the extent of saying he got a prophecy of how I’m his wife to be, believe me, I never even thought of trying it. From the first day I got my admission till the day I wrote my first exam all I ever knew was I’m in love with my self.
Dear girls,
You don’t need to date that guy because he is in his final year, he is not planning his future with you. But if you want to have an unnecessary fun in college you can do that, after all you will end up learning the hard way. That Will make you a better person? No it will only break you though you will learn from it.

3. Joining bad gang.

In the nineties, gaining admission into college is a sign of taking responsibility. As of then it was one of the great ways to let our parent know that we are ready to face life squarely. But now a days this is what gaining admission into college shows “you are ready to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, ready to lose focus because you have gained freedom, ready to join bad gang because it makes you feel good. Nothing spectacular about the feelings of being a college student! Trust me it is so painful to our parent when they see all this happen. But that’s not my major issue here, my major issue is joining bad gang has taken nobody anywhere and it never will. Being desperate that you can do anything to be known might take you somewhere but it not will make you tarry in that position so why join bad gang? Try being good. That pays awesomely.

4. You want to be messed with.

First year in college or university every one think you need to be stupid because you are a newbie. I belt this so out of senses. If you allow anyone mess with you, your personality and your intelligence you are only giving them the chance to control you. Don’t give anyone that right, it’s too expensive to try and be stupid in your first year in college, though you shouldn’t be too forward. That’s what will determine if you will ever gain respect or dishonor.
Don’t be a fan of been timid though you should be bendable to some Extent too.

5. Having too much friends.

Wait!. What do you need friends for during your first year in college? You only need yourself and few people who will direct your steps. You don’t need all the numerous friends.

Written by :
Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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