Why Female Engineer Makes Perfect Wives

They don’t belong to the group of people who love to wear tight skirts, skimpy tops or pierce their nose, but they are the best set of people you could be in a relationship with or get married to!

This is because;
1.They are highly meticulous.
Of course every lady studying a stem related course is meticulous, but the female engineers practice theirs to a high degree of preciseness, they work tediously in studying and putting a lot of things into desired details. Dating a female engineer means your home will be in a great form of orderliness.

2.They are very understanding.
Female engineers are not clingy, they understand when you don’t come early to dinner; why you did not attend the birthday party they expected you to, it’s just like fixing an iron rod cabinet; then it stops working some minutes later, it only takes understanding not to throw it away, and only engineers stay with a problem until a solution is gotten!

3 They earn huge cash.
Ideally, if you marry an engineer money is never gonna be a problem even if you are an average earner, she does have the 90% of earning awesome cash and the 10% left out is the probability of not earning much. So if you need a woman who will support the family financially, marry an engineer.

4. They are sexually active.
They stay inside the pool of mild clothes that makes the body hitch for release; it is very easy to arouse a woman in her mood of active leisure, their sexual activeness is great, engineers are the great people whose sexual lifestyle is almost close to perfect!

5. They smell nice
They smell really nice; if she works on field as a civil engineer she would prefer to smell like banana; but out of field they prefer to smell like mint, these are long lasting scents that last long in the human memory, “if you need to marry a woman whose scent would drive you to remembering her” marry an engineer.

6.They are friendly.
Naturally male engineers are not that friendly; but female engineers are friendly people ,you know why? Their job demands them to be confident – as a woman they need people to trust them with engineering works, you see that woman who is always on that computer even when it “hanging”, she is just displaying her friendly habit to get the lasting solution to the “hanging”.

7.They spend less
They don’t buy excess stuff, they just go for what they need to use at a certain moment, that is why you would move down the walk way and ask a female engineer what she wants and she will pick just a bottle of Cway drink and a Gala while someone like me would probably pick a bottle of Cway and probably a meat pie. They spend on what they need, not what they want or wish to have.

8.They are very hardworking
You know when you see someone who can read about six hours a day; it means she can cook three square meals without problem, bath four children without complaining and lastly have sex with you for an hour without thinking of stopping, only a female engineer can do that.
They are just special people who read so hard to attain great height.
“If you are dating one, keep her good and don’t make the mistake of losing her”.
Written by Cupid.


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