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I don’t know if rape has now become something anyone should fight for, few days ago; a pastor said people will start fighting for various foolish things but this is just way put of it.

An Egyptian lawyer who was a speaker on a current affairs talk show in Egypt, has sparked outrage after he revealed that in his view women who wear ripped jeans deserves to be raped.

Nabila al-Wahsh went further to say that it was part of the ‘National duty ‘ to rape women wearing such garments because they were “inviting men to harass them”.

The Ifirad show was aired on October 19 on the Al-Assema satellite channel featured guests who debated on the country’s draft law fighting prostitution and debauchery.

According to Nabih al – Wahsh who also said that his view was even more valid if the jeans were ripped from the back, he said ;

“Girls must respect themselves so others respect them.
“Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders.”

The video of clips of the show which was posted on Instagram shows other female guests trying to fight back in response to the lawyer’s inappropriate comments.

Maya Mursi, Head of the National Council for Women’s Rights who has now filed a complaint about the statement to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, said the comments were a “flagrant call” for rape and violate ‘everything in the Egyptian constitution.

Wahsh, refusing to back down despite the backlash has released an updated statement on another media website where he said;

‘his daughter would also deserve that [rape, sexual harassment] if she decided to wear jeans that are ripped from the back’.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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  1. I had a feeling you might have something to post about this issue.. when I saw this a few days ago, I felt bad… I think what he said isn’t appropriate, and should probably have said something not as crude as that.

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