Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about a very pretty or handsome person. You saw them often in a gaze, then all of sudden you got close and you began to see them daily, at first all you see in few part of their body, with time you began to see more and later on you got used to seeing everything. That’s what I call see finish.
I will be discussing five reasons see finish is not a very good thing to practice in a relationship you intend to hold on to forever.

1. Extinction of sexual arousal.

See finish is one major reason married couple go dead to sexual desire.
lots of married couple would rather prefer to sleep naked, trust me nobody in their right senses wants to wake up every morning seeing a naked person laying next to them. From the start it gets interesting, give it two or three months then it becomes boring and annoying. Men do not really fancy what they see often, he needs a break to make him thirst for it. See finish doesn’t give one a thirst it only make them have excess which is return get them tired of having that particular thing. It is just like you drinking coffee without milk or sugar daily, you will get fed up soon and if you don’t mind you might end up hating coffee. It’s becomes disgusting.

2. Rapid Changes of relationship among teenagers.

Have you ever try to wonder why our teenage group hardly have a stable relationship that leads to marriage most times? most teen romantic relationship has gone to an abrupt end due to see finish attitude they permit to occur during their relationship. I don’t want to get married to someone I have virtually seen every nods and hooks that should have being hidden from me during courtship . A lot of teenagers out there do not understand that ” naked is not as fun as when it is hidden.

3. It brings about mistrust and blame.

There are times people in relationships ponder on what their partners can do or can not. See finish is one the best way to give your partner the chance to hold their trust from him. As a lady I don’t believe any one would be happy knowing that their fiancee or husband prefers to stay around naked. It shaken people’s level of trust in relationships. I was involved in a conversation few years back, a friend just broke up her relationship of two years and when asked why, she said she was tired. I don’t even know what he can do or not anymore. That is called see finish, you have seen everything that needs to be seen then you give excuse like I’m tired. Do people just get tired of one another?

4. It reduce physique appreciation.

When you are involved with someone and you hardly see them naked, you have more values for their body, you are conscious of every growth and changes that occurs to them, because you do not get to see this body often you learn to appreciate it whenever you have the chance to, unlike a see finish relationship, it is possible you do not even noticed your man or woman’s body is undergoing or has under gone some changes. You are used to seeing them so you really do not place more attention on them or difference that might have occurred.

5. It brings about loss of self respect.

Few weeks ago I was around some forks. The boyfriend told the lady ” do you know you are mad? and the lady replied ” you are very stupid to have said that! Too much familiarity do cause unwarranted issues I heard. This is one major problem caused by see finish in a relationship. You believe I know this person to the end of the world. I have seen the worst and the ugly about them. I think nudity is not doing the world much good. It all started from a see through and most of the times because we are young people who want to make adventure out of life we end up in the see finish business.
Even the most gentle and beautiful of people do have the ugly part of them that they need to hide, you seeing it daily makes you more tired and pro to acting against any of their actions.
Written by

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me.


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