Waste burnt on road in kwara


The improper act of kwarans.

If you have not read my article on kwara state, plenty dead, few living. A lot of Kwara indigenes has asked me why I started the article but my answer remains unknown, I realised kwara state as a state is way too backward, their style of living, the kind of industry built here, the shops, schools and even the culture they practice is too out of the way. Sometimes I wish someone could spell it out today to them in the language they understand “We are in the 21st century, where a lot of decision are being taken due to increase in technology intelligence.
I happened to be around tipper garage at some minutes past five on Saturday morning, 27th of January, I was surprised to see an old womanRefuse on road in kwara who was awake and of course she was preparing for her daily work, the youth were still in bed, snoring and probably complaining about the harmattan.

Well that will be a story for another day, on going back to my home around past ten in the late hour of the morning, I realised some refuse were dropped on the middle hedges of the road were on blazing fire, at first I thought some calamity was about to happen, so I started checking around to help people, then a friend of mine told me that it is the normal weekend routine, burning of refuse on the hedges of the road!? I was so furious, do you guys know how dangerous that is? What of if a car conveying gasoline happen to pass by, then the car get to could catch fire due to the carelessness of the people in the neighborhood, then she smiled and said, ” there is a pipeline around here sef”
Waste burnt on road in kwara
To me, this is one of the most stupid act anyone would do, setting refuse on fire in the middle of the road every weekend, so back to the governments, why can’t they provide a public dustbin company? And if the government is not wise enough to do that, is there no sensible private body, who can decide to build a dustbin company,let the refuse get dumped to where they need to be, people will surely pay to get their waste get dumped in a place which won’t affect the health of the people.
Apart the accident hazard the burning might cause to cars driving by, we’re learned enough to know that some of those substances are biodegradable? Stop causing hazard to people’s health.
Danger caused by kwarans
Should those product now be left to decay on the hedges of the road, remember people walk through this road daily.

Written by:
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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