One thing I don’t understand at times is how people see destruction and they set a pace to thread through it. How on earth is it wisdom to decide to live your whole life with someone whom you know his or her presence makes you weak! Romeo made the same mistake, so did the same mistake occurred through the sinking of the Titanic ship, Hercules man almost made the same mistake. The only person who has done it and hasn’t been destroyed by it is God* loving so much isn’t always the problem but loving too much. If you have ever come across the proverb that says ” the one you love the most is the one you are likely to suffer the most for” I’m not writing this article to stop you but rather to enlighten you so you can save your poor health from any hurt. Science has discovered that the pain of an heart break is likely the fastest way to kill a person if it is not treated immediately and if it is with the person you love too much, it is very possible to lead to a regular heart pain which most times leads to death. I will be discussing five you will do your self more good by working away and been in a relationship with someone you love too much, which means you can harm yourself because of such person! Why should anyone do that?

1. Your dreams becomes a minority.

I have read lots of book that discuss how men and women of different caliber has drifted away from who they planned to be all in the name of loving their partner too much, they do not have a life of their own. They feel if they are too happy the other might be hurt, they do things that is an inconvenience to their life to make the other comfortable even God will never ask for your happiness without giving you something that will make you happy the most. If your dream is to be a pilot, how someone who has phobia for height in a too much manner a good thing for achieving your dream? Answer that yourself.

2. It reduces man’s will to survive.

Africa is said to have one of the highest number of divorce with so many people in this situation living a very miserable and undesirable lifestyle. Just few of these people live a great, idea and enviable lifestyle, few of them are productive and making a great impact. I know the Society would never consider why all this happens. Those who could not make noticeable Changes were those who loved too much and never expected the worst could happen, the others who could survive and do better were the people who knew they could love so much but not too much. Why loving too much when much is even harmful.

3. It makes you stupid.

Have you ever come across the words that says ” only a person on his way to destruction loves too much ” that’s very correct.
Stupidity is not only been silly, stupidity at times means doing things you know you could have avoided or do in a better way the wrong way. Samson could have maintain lying to Daniella about his weakness but loving too much made him do the wrong thing, the guy in Titanic could have decided to board another ship, Romeo would have decided to live and not die, loving too much was the problem! Moreover, I’m sure you don’t know that loving too much affects your level of intelligence.

4. You live a life of regret.

Even those who were able to survive the brutal feelings and are still making impact, they have regrets! Most of them do not want serious relationship, they don’t want to be committed anymore. Most of them secretly within themselves hates to hear anything relating to love. Why love too much when much is okay… Even when you love too much you have been denied of yourself the right to be who you are. You start being another person who will hurt your inner being every minute you desire what you want. Why love too much!?
Loving too much mean loving in quantity which is excessive to the point of being inappropriate, harmful, or overwhelming.

5. It is always an euphoria.

To most of you who think loving too much is a long lasting ability, trust me you are deceiving yourself. Nobody loves too much till the end. Loving too much has been scientifically related to euphoria, an intense feeling of happiness or joy which usually ends in a moment. A moment could be two years, five years but it is never forever and most times it leads to dysphoria A state of feeling unwell or unhappy; a feeling of emotional and mental discomfort and suffering from restlessness, malaise, depression or anxiety. So choose for yourself what you wish to feel.

Written by :
Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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