Everyday we live our life with different doctrine from different denominations. I don’t think someone out there has ever sat down and asked himself what God really wants!!
We talk about the bible but our attitude doesn’t show it ,then we judge people like it’s a course that people need to study and once they don’t pass, they can’t be given another chance to try again.
We preach but we don’t practice; the funniest part of it is that the attitude of we christians make the pagans believes they better off without religion and this is because our attitude preaches what our religion doesn’t.
This is what I feel , if you can’t show you’ are not your religion when it comes to the evil that men do, then don’t prove you are your religion when you do the little good deeds moral demands you to do, because your moral tells you what you shouldn’t do and your religion Keeps you going in good moral.

We all cover our body … Sometimes I really don’t get it , is it that our dressing in pujan means we should cover our sins also? Then we just talk about the little things that Allah :the merciful might not look at when we are to speak of our sins) don’t tell me about the punishment I will face when I don’t observe Salat or when I observe salat and I don’t complete my rajah… Show me through how you observe yours, that’s it right for me to complete mine …Don’t judge men because almighty Allah says ,(O you who believe! Shun much suspicion; for lo!
suspicion is a sin.” [ Sûrah al-Hujurât : 12]. It suspicion that leads to judgment.
Then I wonder why we practice all this religion in our own selfish way , why we make other people perish due to our own misconception of what the religion is about??
Christianity and Islam is a course we ought to learn that will bring a cause for positive change , but we humans, we turned it into a curse that chased humanity away from God.
Think about the people you have wrecked with your words, think about the one you have destroyed with the hypocritic way you practice this religions.
Remember this one thing:
We will all give account of everything we do on earth (Romans 14:12)
I will give account of today ,… So will you.
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