Recently I have seen a lot of mad display on the social media; of course some of them can be classified as hilarious and the others as annoying. The part I find very interesting is most Nigerians do not know the difference between the both words, they do not know when to put a stop to certain madness or they just assumed every one in the country should be consider the same, of course we are all created the same way but we do not posses the same level of intelligence. About two weeks ago I read on how some men was mutilating a little child, some days after that I heard of how an old man was abusing an eight month old child.
In a country where situations like this often occur, I don’t think the best thing we need is some set of celebrities promoting sex!
promoting a song that says catch and sex is obviously not the right thing for us to be doing. I have watched a lot of one corner video and I kept asking myself how we got to this stage where we can not tell ourselves as a society that we need to protect each other,
Sooner or later some people will claim they are one of the people who build nigeria, when actually they are the one who destroyed it.

1. Don jazzy
Don jazzy was the man behind all the unnecessary popularity the song ‘One Corner ” got in Nigeria, the most painful part is I will not be surprised if he comes out later and tell Nigerians he did not know what that artist kept saying in that song was; catch and sex! so many girl child will pay for their own mistakes but they will be right there in their houses facing the pain one celebrity brought upon them through his own ignorance. I know everyone is trying to her to the world but should it be at the expense of our girls?

2. Tiwa Savage.

Let assume don jazzy is acting like a man, what happened to tiwa savage who happens to girls a mother. I watched the song and saw how happy she was dancing to that song when a lot of little vulnerable children will suffer for this. The artist kept on saying catch and sex in one corner; I have always thought women understand emotions and feeling more than men, so what happened to our very popular and highly respected woman artist role model that she decided to join the lane of the same set of people who are telling the world all they want to do is enjoy themselves, they don’t mind if people’s children pays for it dearly. I’m not surprised anymore I just felt she would have done better because a lot of growing ladies looks up to her.

3. Olamide.

Imagine Olamide who has a lot of people from the ghetto as people who will do anything they sight him being a part of; he start partaking in this stupid dance; this means a lot of masculine personality has being compromised with this song, most of them do not have the intension to violate young girl child but they saw that someone they believe in supports it and their physiology demands them to fill the pressure of sex whenever they listened and perform the unrealistic dance style of this song. Then you can say our children are not save anymore, because the people who ought to protect them chose pleasure over the kid’s feelings.

4. Rekado Banks.

I was not surprised he would be part of this dance, what do you expect from him when the two people who should act as a fatherly and motherly figure to him already supports the movement. You know the most irrigated thing about this whole is you might end up meeting this same sets of celebrities celebrating girl child day after preaching to the world that the kids can be swallowed by them. What is there to promote in a song that says; catch and sex! you can only catch children and sex them because they are vulnerable so why are the Mavin celebrities celebrating it; the song never mentioned that the male should a discussion before having a sexual intercepted it says ‘ catch and sex.

5. The s burster.

I know nigeria is full of people, especially artist who would just wake up one morning and decide to trend a song even when the song is not making any positive impact. You can imagine this artist released that song which many people claim to be the Nigeria version of one corner and every words in that song say you force sex on the opposite partner. We are group of people who ought to help the nation be a better place for vulnerable kids and adults out there in the world but we are the one who is putting them into more danger.
I urge everyone to start counting the number of children and other vulnerable people’s rape the country has being faced with since that song started trending.

Written by; Temi badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/temi-badmus-a7171bb1


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