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The Sugar Icing, the killer bean cake designer, OMG! It’s Tosan Jemide.

Hello guys!. I will be introducing to you someone of high prospect and of course great achievements. He is an entrepreneur, father, mentor, husband and of course eligible to be crushed on, though he is happily married with kids.

Cake by Tosan (Tosan Jemide) will definitely put a great smile on your face, it’s so yummy! Everybody loves cake right?! I know you do.

Let get started guys! You all gonna love him when you are done reading. Let get to reading and knowing Mr Tosan Jemide.

Tosan Jemide
The book “Sugar Icing “

Tosan Jemide was born on March 12 1968 in Warri, Delta state. He attended Federal Government College Warri and then proceeded to University of Ibadan where he graduated with a degree in Sociology in 1990. Upon graduation, Tosans inclination was to transform his innate ability to be creative into a successful enterprise and hence, the birth of Cakes by Tosan which was preceded by a short stint with fashion.

Tosan Jemide
Tosan Jemide with Young Entrepreneurs. Sugar Icing storm 1.0

Tosan possess remarkable creativity which he expresses in his bakery and sugarcraft trade. His track record in the bakery and sugar craft business in Nigeria has generally earned him a place as the Nigerian cake boss. His passion for the art was further confirmed when he left the shores of Nigeria for the United Kingdom in 1996 to acquire requisite skills for the business. While in the United Kingdom, he trained at Squires Kitchen Farnham, UK and worked at several bakeries within the UK, the last of which was Gloriette of Knightsbridge, where he was part of a team that created cakes for high street stores in the UK such as Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Waitrose

He returned to Nigeria after this learning experience to set up Cakes by Tosan, a business he has run for fourteen (14) years. Since his return to Nigeria, Tosan has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the development of the bakery and sugar craft business in Nigeria, he has created masterpieces inspired by peoples tradition, culture, beliefs, and preferences

Tosan Jemide
Tosan Jemide while giving a speech at the launching of his book “Sugar Icing”, a story of grit and glory

Tosan served as a mentor at FATE foundation entrepreneurial programme (a non-governmental organization set up to tackle the menace of unemployment in Nigeria). Between 2005 and 2009, Tosan set up Lesaison ( meaning seasons in French) Restaurant; with this, he was able to develop and teach unique recipes using the traditional African cuisines. As part of his commitment to the health and well being of his immediate community, Tosan and his team developed sugar free cake recipe for diabetic patients. Similarly, he is working on other recipes using organic products as the major ingredient; the rationale for this is hinged on the increasing awareness of the importance of organic products as a major catalyst for a healthy living.

Tosan Jemide
Reading session from the Book “Sugar Icing ” with Tosan Jemide at Sweet Kiwi

On the international scene, Tosan has contributed to the development of African art through his baking and sugar craft skills. In March 2011, He was at the Squires Kitchen 25th Annual Exhibition in the United Kingdom where he created a life size African woman cake. The cake which accentuated the features of the African Iteskiri culture was designed to project the beauty of the African culture to the international audience. In March 2013, Cakes by Tosan African traditional chest cake design won the Gold medal for the category it competed for and the Overall winner for the year at International cake event held in Manchester UK

Tosans passion for sharing his knowledge and developing his local community, recently led him and his team to partner with LEAP Africa, a non-profit social enterprise which provides leadership training and executive coaching services for business owners, social entrepreneurs and youths. Up till date, a total of eight (8) students from the ages of 13-17 have been empowered through the initiative.

At his last exhibition in Lagos Nigeria, Tosan once again displayed his appreciation for other cultures outside of his country. The inspiration for his creations included the Vincci, inspired by the architectural aesthetics of Vincci via 664 Madrid, The Wedgewood- China, and Charles Lutwidge Dodgsons Alice in Wonderland.

In business, Tosan has demonstrated excellence and keen interest in bi national business relationship, in 2011 Tosan joined the list of world class bakers to endorse products from Satin Ice rolled fondant USA. By this, Tosan became the first African to endorse the product. media release from the company read Tosan Jemide is well known in Africa and across the world. He is one of Nigerias finest cake decorators and has helped to change the face of cake decorating in the region. Achieving the status of a master, his enchantingly exquisite deigns are in demand for high society weddings and events. Tosan also enjoys international acclaim as a teacher and demonstrater of his art. We are lucky to have joined forces with Tosan to help bring wider recognition to the sugar craft in Africa.

Tallest cake in Africa by Tosan Jemide

In 2013, he built a 28 feet sugar craft edifice known to be the tallest cake in Africa till date. Asides winning the best cake designer at the Nigerian events award in 2103, Tosan was also awarded a member of the honors roll by the association of party organizers and event managers of Nigeria (APPOMEN) in recognition of his distinctive and innovative contribution to the Nigerias wedding industry.

Tosan Jemide
Tosan Jemide at the launching of his book “Sugar Icing “

Tosan Jemide
In December 2012, Cakes by Tosan won the award for the best cake design at the George Kerry Life Foundation Christmas charity and cake auction for cervical cancer. Similarly, In August 2012, Tosan won the award for the Cake Ordinaire at the Nigerian Events Awards

In December 2011, Tosan established a commercial bread bakery: Topcrust Bakery Limited, with the aim f providing quality bread at affordable rates. He is the current President of the Premium Bread Association of Nigeria.

He is happily married and blessed with children

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