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Bra is not needed to make breast firm

A new research has shown that bra is not needed to make the breast firm.

According to Jean Dennis Rouillion, a professor and sports science researcher at the University of Franche-Comte, who conducted a 15- year research on the advantages and disadvantages of bras using 330 women from ages of 18 to 35 as case study shows that the purpose of bra which is to keep the breasts of the woman in place, especially in the case of bigger ones is not true, rather it results in more negativity for the breast.

Bras were found to have no role in then prevention of sagging, back pain relief or support of the chest, in-fact it was discovered that the habit of wearing bras promoted breast sagging.

To buttress this fact, the nipples of women who stopped wearing bras during the research were lifted by 7 millimeters at the end of the study.

Professor Jean states that bras interfere in blood circulation around the breast and region, so in the case of women who do not wear them, the amounts of collagen are increased, and the elasticity is improved.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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