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Blessing Egbe, actress, model and filmmaker, has revealed why she does not see eye-to-eye with Silverbird.
She is also the producer for the movie “lekki wives”

Egbe made this known in a book entitled ‘Ladies Calling These Shots’. The book was written by ace journalist Niran Adedokun and features 17 female film directors.

Before getting into Nollywood, Egbe said she had secured a modelling contract with Silverbird as far back as 1999 — but her path would eventually lead to the movie industry.

The filmmaker said after directing her first feature film, ‘Two Wives and a Baby’, it suffered a massive loss at the box office, putting her in debt with her investors.

Because of its flop, she asked for its removal from the cinemas but Egbe said she later found out that all the cinemas granted her request except Silverbird Abuja.

The writer said Egbe reached out to Silverbird but got no favourable response, and that they also failed to drop the movie.

Egbe went on to sue the cinemas with the matter still in court till date.

According to the author, “The situation brought about a frozen relationship between the Blessing Egbe brand and cinema owners in the country”.
To pay back the N11 million she owed investors, Egbe said she had to take to the streets and the internet to sell the movie. It turned out to be successful and she was able to settle her debt.

Having discovered the benefits of the internet, Egbe made more movies and distributed them on her website, bconceptnetwork.com, she told the author.

A scriptwriting alumni of City Varsity, Cape Town, Egbe has written, co-produced and directed several movies.

Advising would-be female directors, Egbe said, “You have to be sure of what you want to do because directing is not a pretty job.

“If you want pretty, go in front of the camera and look pretty all day long! Or not! Directing is the brainchild behind the pretty, you think on your feet all day long.

“You think for the cameraman, sound man, lighting and all other departments involved in filmmaking.

“You have to know everything about production before you can be a director otherwise people will not respect you; and trust me, they can tell when a director is not sure of herself.”

Egbe is the director of ‘Lekki Wives’, ‘The Women’, among other flicks. If you happen not to have watch the Lekki wives then you are missing so much.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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