Bleaching is a cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin and face tone. Bleaching is a very common treatment used by many women and men as well. Everybody wants to have a fair and clear skin tone these days. Bleaching can be done in professional parlors or at home itself.

Generally bleaching is done by using a lot of home remedies and natural products as well. Natural substances like lemon and potatoes have bleaching properties.

These can be rubbed on the face regularly to lighten the skin tone. Lemon and potato can be mixed with other face packs and face masks for bleaching blemishes.

There are many synthetic types of bleach made from chlorine or oxygen used as a base. They are used in many of the professional parlors. Chemical based bleach may have some side effects on the skin.
There are some herbal types of bleach also available which do not have side effects on the skin. Bleaching has many benefits on the skin. Some of them are listed below:-

1. It helps in Skin lightening.

The basic benefit of bleaching is to lighten the skin tone. Bleaching reduces the melanin level in the skin and makes the skin a shade lighter. The tan is reduced and faded away after using bleach. The dirt and dark layer is reduced with regular bleaching. This change is long lasting but it may lose the effects in some time period. Skin lightening done with using bleach is one of the advantages of using bleach.

2. It bring about skin Glow –

Bleaching has a good effect on the skin which is giving a glow to the skin. When the skin is bleached, it becomes a tone light and also gets a glow. The face and skin shines and look young and fresh. The skin glows and rejuvenates after the skin is bleached regularly. Bleaching is thus good for the skin as it removes all the dullness and enhances the glow of the face. Bleaching must be done regularly to maintain the glow of the skin.

3. Removes Blemishes .

If there are many blemishes and spots on the skin, use bleaching to fade away the dark spots and pigmentation. Bleaching has an advantage of reducing the dark spots or pigmentation from the skin. Bleaching removes the melanin and dirt accumulation from the skin pores and cells. The dark parts fade away slowly after regular usage of bleach on the skin. Therefore, many skin face washes and creams have some bleaching contents in them. They help to reduce the skin spots and make it clear.

4. It softens the skin Texture.

– After bleaching the skin, the texture of the skin is enhanced and revitalized. The skin becomes soft and smooth after using bleach. Bleaching skin regularly has the benefit of making the skin soft and improving the texture. The dead cells, white heads and black heads are removed because of bleaching.

5. It has Long Lasting effect.

– Bleaching is an easy and long lasting skin treatment for skin lightening compared to other procedures. There are many other skin treatment options like laser, chemical peeling, etc. But bleaching is an easier process which is economically viable as well. Thus bleaching has the following benefits on the skin.


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