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Bishop oyedepo

Bishop David Oydepo, the overseer of Winners chapel Aka The living Faith Church call out nigeria politicians.
The Bishop revealed how he feels about the whole problem affecting the church of Christ in Nigeria.

Still in the season of Easter, we all know how out Lord Jesus Christ died it d and rose again for the atonement of out sins.

So yesterday was Easter Sunday and the very a an d highly anointed man of God,” Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo preach about the unveiling of the power of resurrection, he made mentioned of things which Christ has redeemed us from ,he has redeemed us from the curse of the law and also will stand against any man who will put war against the church of God.

Bishop Oyedepo made mention of how the church is growing and most political propangada in Nigeria is targeted against the growth of the church in his words he said

“You had better be aware that you can not play with a grow up lion and go free, you can play and mess with a baby lion and be safe but be very certain you have written your will down if you are on a mission to mess with a grown up lion”
He also made mentioned of how people are being people are being killed and frustrated due to political paparazzi that Nigerian politician are into.
He was very blunt when he said
” Any target made at bombing the church again starting from 1st April 2018 will lead to war, the highly anointed man of God made it known to the congregation that he is sending the message across so they can hear and be very afraid.

As Christians and lover of God, it is required of us to pray for our religion, hold tight unto it and make sure that the gospel is being preached to the world at large.

The man of God blessed the congregation by intimating them about the miracle which our Lord Jesus Christ has made manifestable for the next forty days.

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