Fueling station not selling to motorcycle.
A particular fueling station in Ilorin ,kwara state had being found wanting for not selling Petrol to okada rider, information from angry bike men reach us that they have being standing, waiting and of course hoping that this people will sell petrol to them.

An okada who was interviewed by the gimmehear team confessed of his great bitterness by saying “You can not imagine how many hours I have stood here waiting for the selling to reach my turn, but the fuel attendant kept opening the gate for just private cars ,the most painful part is how they lock us outside as if we are not going to give them money for the fuel in return ”

Another bike man who was interviewed said I believe they are selling to private cars not commercials cars because they are selling at high price and they know the commercial drivers will not buy from them at such price. He made mentione of how the fuelimg station might be selling a liter at the rate of “500 or even a thousand Naria per liters.

A student from the university of Ilorin who was found waiting on the quene with his Jerry can lamented by saying: he feels people are being cheated at the fueling station, also we have being standing here for a while and the hope of getting petrol to buy is not sure, if it is not certain that commercial workers who needs the fuel more urgently will get to buy, then I feel so hopeless and helpless standing here he said.

I myself I was a witness there, I saw plenty older security men who left the fueling station angrily because they were being cheated, the gimmehear media guy said.

Some policemen was parading the vicinity of the fueling station, of which I am not sure what the aim of the parade was for, if the right of the masses were not being taken care of.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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