The Biggest Fraud In Nigeria IS PHCN – Omotola Blasts Lagos Government

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade
Ekeinde said the Power Holding
Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is one of
the biggest frauds in the country.
The actress added that despite paying
her electricity bills and taxes, she buys
generator to get electricity and provide
security for herself.
She took to Twitter to vent her anger:
“One of The biggest fraud in Nigeria is
the PHCN. In Ikeja, there’s no meter,
No LIGHT EVER and they still bring
bills!high bills!#dontpushme!”
“This Lagos Govt talking about Taxes!
and persecuting people and what
rubbish?Are you kidding me?
“I payed my taxes to buying my own
security,Generators,fuel,road and many
more…are you going to refund me?
#insensitivity #dontpushme!”
“Many companies I.e Dunlop have left
Nigeria cause of your Ridiculous Taxes/
lack of AMMENITIES.Still want to em
burden citizens #dontpushme”omotola-taxes
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