Before I Die!

Every one on this planet love babies, I don’t know why they do. I do not have a thing for babies Darlington said.

After my mum gave birth to this cute baby whose life is attached to plenty danger…

Few years ago we moved to Canada, people in the neighborhood were surprised I came to my home. Life do not always give the best of happiness without adding little pain to it.

I hate to remember what true love is, the fact that they make you weak and vulnerable is one great disadvantage of finding yourself in it.

I came out of my car, looking so beautiful and elegant, you will hardly notice I just break my marriage vows. A little gaze up bring my eye to my mums’, the with deep hatred in my eye, how could she? How could she do that to me. But the feeling of having a baby sister is weighing me down also. How can I just stand the fact that my mum got pregnant for my husband!
And here I am, parking my load to her home. I want to take good care of her anyways but how can I do that?

She walked towards me with lots of regrets in her eyes, I could see how sunken her look was, like she has being crying for the past three months.

My story started few years ago in college, I met this handsome man, we fell in love, we had sex severally, and here we are with my mum being pregnant for him!

I picked my bag from my car, wind up the glasses, Hello mum! How can a good child act like that, my conscience corrected me. But wait a second, I was never a good child. I remember my mum lost my dad while I was young, so I was being brought up under single parenting. My mum is the praying type, she is innocent, kind, soft hearted and of course one of the best mother. So how did she get pregnant for Raymond? How did it happened?
My head was filled with so much questions, so much hatred, so much hurt.

“Hello darling”, mum replied. “How is your baby doing?” “She’s doing great mum,” replied. I wanted to ask if I can feel the baby within her belly!? But my ego would not allow me. I love this woman but I can not let go of this hurt!

Do you need anything to eat? “No,” I replied, “I should be able to cook something for myself. Thanks.” I went straight into my room, the room is still the same way I left it few years ago, nothing has changed!

Back then, Raymond often sneak into my room using a ladder which is often placed behind my Window. I walked towards the Window and the memory of my first sex with Raymond played. I remember how sweet it was to lose my virginity to the man I love. The bridge is how bitter it feels now, knowing he got my mum pregnant.
But the most painful memory is knowing I left my mum to suffer without reaching out or listening to her side of the story.

Everyone have their side of the story, I dashed into the bathroom to have cold shower, I needed to release my head from all this pains!

“Do you need anything baby?!”
“No mum I’m cool, I will be fine.”

I actually need a cup of coffee, but I can’t just imagining this woman who is carrying my husband’s baby making my coffee. A lot of people will be wondering why I’m in my home town. I’m rich, I’m pretty and every man out there want to have a date with me but I have got to find out how and why Raymond got my mum pregnant. I intend staying here until the baby is given birth to. I want to be the first to feel the happiness of having a baby sibling at old age or rather I’m here for the other plan, the evil plan….

To be continued…

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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