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President Jonathan pays suprise visit to mubi,vintim in adamawa

President Jonathan pays a suprise visit to mubi,vintim in adamawa.According to report ,he was said to have arrived at the yobe international Airport accompanied by the chiefs and national security Adviser,Dasuki. Pres.Jonathan arrived the yobe internationalairport at about 10:45am,He proceeded to the Emir of mubi’s place to met him and his people,he also met the […]

Life Talk


The country full of milk and honey,full of wonderful things to be desired and held.A place for peace and harmony,home free of natural disaster except the one caused by us .A refuge of peace until men of uncleansen heart made it a land of horror. A place with discomfort that speaks better things of comfort,the […]

Life Talk


Through my sight I saw your pain. So deep that it darkens The Noblepart. Am lost in an island Of misery… Searching for the path That speaks of love and peace A route for harmony And joy Seeing your shadow Far behind my route I screamed your name But the distance was far Breaking the […]

Life Talk

The Real you

Everyone thinks they know who you are,even when they push you beyond your limit,they feel you deserve it.when the tears you keep for years run through your chick,you wonder why you could act so weak.you are not weak you are not just on their level of strength. If life gives you the best at a […]

Life Talk

we are all involved

Coming right behind my neighbour this morning,i saw him looking tired and stressed yet i went on to my destination, because i love minding my business. What about the dying woman you saw months ago and u decided to pass by her,who knows the fortune she would have brought to the world today? What about […]