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So a lot of drama has happened so far but the one I will be discussing is about ATM stand issue I saw happened yesterday evening.

Should people maintain a stand at the ATM spot.

I decided to withdraw some little cash, the whole queue was a mess, in fact there was no queue; people were literally lining up in front of different ATM machine but withdrawing from another. You know how Nigerians are, I thought it only unilorin student that do that. Lol

I asked the guy in front of me if he was on the same queue as mine,
Dude said yes, few minutes later, he went to use another ATM but alas! He got no cash; I was expecting him to come back so I could push him out of the line.. Lol. But he didn’t.

After about ten minutes later, a young man stepped into the banking arena and got pissed about the whole rubbish drama.

Unknown man:
(in a very loud voice)
Is there no particular queue? Why is everyone just moving around anyhow.

Nobody answered, probably because his voice was loud, and Nigerians don’t like authorities.

Then the young man descended all his anger on this very old man who happened to move to another queue at that moment.

Unknown : it’s people like you who is destroying the nation, you can not lead right, you are stupid, blablabla and they started exchanging insult, meanwhile the problem wasn’t solved o.

They actually exchanged a lot of insulting words.

The old man withdrew and left feeling bad… I met with him to say sorry on the young guy’s behave, I made the older man understand that what the young man was fighting for was right but his manner of approach was bad.

So this morning I decided to ask the questions from people at work, from the higher rank to the cleaners.

Do you think it annoying for people not to maintain a queue at the ATM stand?

Mr abolaji :
It is very annoying, everyone should maintain their queue

Mr Sunday: it depends on the network

Mr Ronnie :
It depends on the denomination of cash you want to withdraw.

Mr Paul kanu:
It is very wrong, I mean ethically. I’m not talking about morally , everyone should maintain a stand at the ATM spot, the rules should be followed. (exactly what the unknow guy was fighting for.

So my questions, do you think it’s right or wrong for a person not to maintain a particular stand at the ATM spot… Let me know your view

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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  1. It’s totally wrong not to maintain a spot on a queue. If you find your queue is not moving and you feel you have to change queue, do so but go start from the back of the new queue and not attempting to create a spot in the ongoing queue. Do not also keep space in different queues, and stop asking people to help you withdraw…. All these are common wrong acts!!!!

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